My computer doesn't recognize iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

My computer doesn't recognize iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Sometimes the computer does not recognize an iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. Here we list the possible causes of this problem and provide solutions.

Why isn't my сomputer picking up my iPhone? 

Modern computers recognize external hardware automatically, but sometimes it doesn't work, and you can't connect your Apple mobile device to your PC. This may happen after the user has the updated iTunes software. During the update process, some components may be damaged or lost completely. It could also be due to problems in hardware like USB ports, cables, or iPhones.

How can I get my сomputer to recognize my iPhone? 

1. First, we recommend ensuring that all of the essential components and cables are installed and connected successfully and are working fineEnsure your iOS or iPadOS device is turned on, unlocked, and on the Home Screen

2. If everything is connected and installed correctly, you should reset your mobile gadget and reinstall iTunes.

,3. It may happen that after an iTunes update, the iPhone or firmware is no longer recognized by your PC. You should know that the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad drivers are included with the iTunes installation, and within the iTunes.exe folder, several applications such as QuickTime, Apple mobile device support, etc. During updates or other changes made to the PC, one of these components may be the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad drivers the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad drivers the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad drivers lost or not installed correctly. 

To fix these issues,  reset your iPhone and make use of the following software:

iPod Troubleshooting Assistant

iPhone Troubleshooting Assistant

If the troubleshooting wizard does not help, check the connection again with your cable and USB ports and reinstall iTunes (iTunes, QuickTime Player, etc. must be closed).

Make sure these components are installed: iTunes, QuickTime, Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Device Support, Apple Support Application. 

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