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  • How to create multiple checkboxes in Excel using VBA

    In this article you will learn how to create checkboxes which are automatically linked to particular cells. VBA doesn't allow the creation of multiple checkboxes at once. You can manually link checkboxes to specific cells (Copy/Paste). For each copy of your checkbox you have to select a cell.

  • Top apps to learn coding on your smartphone

    Thanks to modern technology, computer programming (a.k.a. coding) has become accessible to everybody, not just the computer whizzes amongst us. In the following 'How To' guide, we'll introduce a selection of 5 apps that take different approaches teaching you to code using just your smartphone. Even though an app cannot replace professional courses, they will enable the user to obtain a basic skill level and understanding of coding thanks to their fun exercises.

  • How to play Apple Music on an Amazon Alexa device

    Alexa has changed the way we listen to music today. With just a short voice command, she can play any of your favourite tunes, search for new songs via numerous music services and libraries and lower or increase volume, all without you lifting a finger. In this article we're going to explain how you can connect Alexa and your Apple Music account simply by adjusting some settings.

  • Android is starting optimising app 1 of 1: how to fix

    Occasionally when you turn on your Android device, the phone screen freezes and then you get the message: 'Android is starting. Optimising application 1 of 1'. This error appears when an application isn't correctly installed or there was a problematic update.In this article, we'll show you how to solve this problem.

  • How to transfer photos and videos from iOS device to PC

    Sometimes valuable photos and videos take up too much storage space on your device. There is a solution: you can transfer them to your computer and free up storage space. If you own an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac it's quite easy to complete transfers using the AirDrop or Photos app. However, if you own a PC, it can seem a little bit more complicated because of the different operating systems. Here we explain how to transfer photos and videos from your iOS device to a Windows PC.

  • How to create TeamSpeak client and server

    TeamSpeak is a popular software that is often used by gamers to create servers and chat channels to communicate with each other while playing multiplayer games. In this article, you will learn how to create a server using this program.

  • The best TVs of 2022: Sony, Samsung, LG

    Television technology is constantly advancing with countless new concepts emerging every year. If you are thinking of buying a new TV set but not sure where to start, this article will help you as we provide a simplified guide of the most important characteristics that should be taken into account when making your choice.