How to turn off the Safe Search on DuckDuckGo?

How to turn off the Safe Search on DuckDuckGo?

This tutorial will show you how to turn off the Safe Search feature of the DuckDuckGo internet browser.

Turn Off The Safe Search on DuckDuckGo

Safe Search allows you to remove adult content from results on DuckDuckGo. It is usually enabled by default. You can easily control it by setting the control levels to Strict or Moderate, or turning it off completely.

There are several ways to disable Safe Search:

  • Use the Safe Search option on the DuckDuckGo settings page. Go to Settings > Private Search > More Search Settings - Safe Search and select the "Off" option.
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  • You can also turn off Safe Search using the drop-down list below the search field on search results pages.
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  • And one more way. Just add !safeoff to your request and the search engine will take your request into account.

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