How to cancel a sent email on Gmail?

How to cancel a sent email on Gmail?

Sometimes, you may have hit 'send' too soon before finishing the mail or even have sent it to the wrong recipient. This can be a big problem, but luckily if you are a Gmail user, it is possible to undo/cancel sent mails. Read on as we explain all necessary steps below.

How to undo a sent email on Gmail?

Gmail has long been able to stop sending an email, once you realise on time-up to half a minute after pressing send. For this to work, you have to configure a function beforehand in settings.

  • First, log into your Gmail account on your computer and click on the Settings function (the cogwheel icon), located in the upper right corner of the screen.
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  • In the Settings menu, look for the option Undo Send.
  • Once you click into the Undo Send section, you can adjust the margin of time given between when you send the email and when you can still cancel it. Gmail offers between 5 and 30 seconds and obviously, we recommend that you select the maximum time allowed.
  • You need to save these changes and then you’ll be able to cancel newly sent emails. When you send a new email, you will see an Undo option on the lower left part of the screen.
  • Click it on time and you can retrieve the email sent by mistake before anyone receives it.
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