How to change WhatsApp group privacy settings

How to change WhatsApp group privacy settings

Tired of your WhatsApp group chats getting filled up with unwanted users without your permission? Or perhaps you are tired of being added to groups you're not interested in. Luckily you can control who can invite new members, and you can also block others from adding you to group chats with the privacy settings.

How to control who can add you to group chats?

Open WhatsApp. Then click on Settings, Account, and Privacy. On the Privacy page, go to Groups. Here you can control who can add you to group chats:

WhatsApp privacy settings
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By default, WhatsApp enables this to Everyone. You can also only allow your contacts to add you, and that list can be further restricted by individual contact if you select the 3rd option, My Contacts Except....

How to limit who can add new users to a WhatsApp group?

If you have created a group chat and want to limit who can send invites for others to join, you need to control the Admin list. Only group Admins can add new members to group chats via invites. Open your group chat, and click on the name of your group chat at the top so that you find the summary page. Scroll down, then click on Group Settings:

WhatsApp privacy screenshot
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Select Edit Group Admins and here you can select which member in the group you want to make an admin. After, they will be able to send invites and make edits to the group.

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