How to become an Instagram Influencer: 10 tips to succeed

How to become an Instagram Influencer: 10 tips to succeed

The amount of Instagram Influencers has grown rapidly over recent years. If you dream of becoming an influencer, perhaps to reach more people with your content or to earn money, this article will explain how to become an Instagram Influencer and how to get more followers.

Find your niche

When on Instagram after taking a look at your friends' updates, you are looking for content that follows certain themes, or things that interest you, right? Well, millions of other Instagram users do too!

If you want to be an influencer, you need to have something to talk about or express, and an audience. Choose a few topics or themes that interest you and focus on them. Think about your passions and share them! If you can find a topic that interests many people, you will have made a big step.

Complete your bio

When you have a clear niche, write an engaging profile bio. It should explain who you are and what your account is going to cover. Make sure it captures the attention of your potential audience.

We suggest you review and delete content that's already on your page that doesn't fit your new theme. It's also good to be mindful of photos that you've previously uploaded but prefer not to share with unknown people. Also, don't forget to include your email address so that people can contact you.

Follow other suggested accounts

Instagram uses an algorithm to suggest similar accounts to follow, based on your topics or because you share followers. Make sure you follow theses suggested accounts, it's the best way to grow your own list of followers.

Interact with famous profiles

On Instagram you need to be seen in many places so that people easily find you. If you're lacking followers, your account won't have too much visibility at first. Therefore, we suggest connecting with people who have a large audience. Comment on their posts, mention them (yes, when you have something especially interesting to say, but be selective or you might look like a stalker!). If you achieve a mention or they repost some of your publications, you will more than likely gain more followers.

Synchronize your Instagram and Facebook accounts

Today, synergy between social networks is very important. Even if you think Facebook is less 'in,' connecting both accounts will give you visibility. For example, your Facebook friends will see that you are on Instagram and many will decide to follow you. In addition, you can publish posts and stories on both networks at the same time.

Post frequently and regularly

Few people want to follow inactive accounts. If someone follows you but realizes that you don't publish anything, sooner or later they will unfollow you. Therefore, try to have some regularity when posting content. Try creating a calendar of publications to be sure that you don't go too long without posting.

Create interesting content

While posting regularly and consistently is essential, creating quality content that people are willing to share is also key. Whether they are videos, photos, or texts with pictures, dedicate time, and love. Your followers will appreciate it.

Check your spelling and add popular hashtags (both general and niche) that will give you visibility. For photos, select them carefully, add filters (they can increase comments and visits exponentially) and take care of the form so that they have their own visual identity.

Interact with followers

Like posting regularly, it is essential that you interact with your followers. It is not about answering each and every one of the comments, but they have to see that you are attentive to their opinions. It does not hurt that you correspond to your attention by giving likes to some of their publications or commenting on their content from time to time.

Post stories

The Stories have become immensely popular on Instagram: they are followed by millions of people and you can use them to show your more personal side. Don't hesitate to include hashtags, locations, stickers, etc in your stories. If they are attractive enough, they will help you increase your audience.

Don't buy followers

Although at first you might be tempted to take the easy path, we recommend you don't buy followers on Instagram. If you do, you will have people who are not interested in your publications and therefore, will not interact with you. Although it seems slow, the best way to get followers is to do it organically, as a result of the content you publish and your behaviour on the network.

What is proven to work is the apps to gain followers. These applications follow a large number of accounts every day for you with the aim of following you back. There are many of this type of app: Top Influenz, Real Followers, Instafollowfor Instagram, GetFollowersBoost to name but a few. If you are too lazy to do it manually, they will be your best allies, because most of them also offer you analysis and tips on how to increase your audience.

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