How to make money on Instagram: live, reels, posts (2023)

How to make money on Instagram: live, reels, posts (2023)

In this article we show you how to monetize your Instagram account and make money on Instagram without specifically selling anything.

Why try to earn money on Instagram? 

Instagram, which began as an app to share photos and stories with your friends, has experienced great success since its inception, partly due to its acquisition by the Facebook group. Year after year, its popularity increases. Instagram is not only useful for sharing photos and videos, but it also has several job opportunities. It offers a platform for small and large entrepreneurs to share their talents.

 How to create a professional Instagram profile?

Once you download the application on your mobile device (there is Instagram for PC, Android, and iPhone), you must create a recognizable profile with brand identity as a precise reference for other users. For example, it is a good idea to focus on a target audience with whom you share points of interest – a passion for fashion, football, or being in the same professional sector. This will make it easier to start gaining visibility among the audience that interests you.

Next, you should start regularly creating new and quality content, focusing on your target audience. It is essential to focus on increasing your followers, using relevant and popular hashtags, and encouraging your followers to interact with your posts and promote your profile and brand. To animate your account, we recommend creating Instagram Stories regularly since they have a vast audience.

Once you start feeling comfortable with this are have a considerable amount of followers, you will be ready to take the next step. See our dedicated article on Creating an Instagram Business Account.

How to become an Influencer on Instagram?

After establishing a well-focused network of followers, remember to continue creating content, whether or not this is in the form of videos, photos, or regular stories. Consider other activities, such as writing a blog, where you can interact with other influential people in the sector, and participate in real events in your city and abroad. These could serve as launching pads to reach an ever-widening audience, not only on Instagram but on other social media.

How to earn money on Instagram?

Once you have around 10,000 followers, the best strategy to start earning money on Instagram would be to get a company or brand particularly prevalent in your field of activity interested in your account. Brands regularly look for potential influencers and once your account has enough credibility, they should take advantage of your channel to advertise their business and products - paying you in some form for it. This is a win-win situation for both you and the business. You could get new potential followers (who follow the brand), and the company will gain publicity amongst your followers.

Also, if you are a company that produces or offers direct services (classes of some kind, consulting, or clothing design, for example), this advertising channel could increase your income exponentially.

Our last tip is to be persevering. Once you have created your own identity on Instagram and have obtained contracts from brands or companies that want to advertise through your channel, you just have to be patient, publish frequent, good-quality content and success won’t be too far away!

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