How to know if someone blocked you on Facebook

How to know if someone blocked you on Facebook

Facebook has many features that allow you to modify your privacy, but it does not have a function that lets you know if any of your contacts have blocked you. Thus, it can be difficult to determine for sure if any contacts have blocked you from their account. Here we give you several ways to know someone blocked you.

Your contact is no longer on your friends' list

This does not necessarily mean that your friend has blocked you since they could have deactivated their own account or been blocked by Facebook. You can still find out by asking your common friends if they can view their profiles. If so, then there is no doubt that you have been blocked.

You can no longer publish on their wall or view their newsfeed

If your contact is still on your list of friends, but you can no longer post on your contact's wall or see any recent activity on their profile, then you have been partially blocked.

If you are not already connected and you would like to add the person as a contact, you can find out if they have blocked you by searching for their profile in the search box. If you cannot post on their wall, see any recent activity, or see the Add Friend button on their profile, then there is a possibility that you have been blocked. However, it is still possible that they have set their profile so that unknown users cannot see their posts or send friend requests.

You can no longer send them a message

Another clue that this contact might have blocked you is if you can no longer send them a message. You can also look at your message history with this contact and check in which color their name appears. If the name appears in black instead of in blue with a hyperlink to the profile, then it means that you have been blocked.

However, if their name appears as Facebook User, then it means they have deleted their account. Search for and find your contact under the search box, then select their profile. If you get the following message: "Sorry, this page isn't available", it is possible that the link you've followed is broken, the page has been deleted, or you have been blocked.

You cannot find their profile using the search box

If you type your contact's name into Facebook's search box and their profile does not appear, then it is possible that you might have been blocked. However, this could also mean that they have changed their profile settings in order not to be found or that they have deleted their account. If you want to be sure, you can create another account to double-check.

Take into account that many Facebook users decide to restrict their privacy settings to allow only people in their geographical areas to be able to locate them. Therefore, when creating your new account, you should set your hometown as that of your friend. If you find your contact on your new account, but not in the old one, then they have blocked you.

If you can't find a person not only in the search bar, but also when you want to tag them in an image or post and enter their name, then most likely your Facebook friend has blocked you.

You can see their profile on Google but not on Facebook

Close your Facebook session, open a new tab in your browser, and go to Google. Enter their name plus Facebook into the search box and press Enter. If you find your contact's Facebook page in the results and you can view their profile, then your contact has blocked you.

You can see their profile on a virtual game

From your Facebook account, enter a game that you both use. Even if someone blocks you, some game applications do not reflect the change. Look for the name of this person in the player's scoreboard and if you find it, then it may be that they have blocked you.

Important: Do not trust applications that claim to know who has blocked you on Facebook or any other social network as they only seek to steal your personal information.

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