How to turn on dark mode in WhatsApp: iOS, iPhone, Android

How to turn on dark mode in WhatsApp: iOS, iPhone, Android

Dark Mode is a new common feature being added to devices and apps that converts your screen to a dark background. It has several benefits such as improved battery performance and reduced eye strain, plus it looks pretty sleek. Whatsapp has finally joined the ranks and is now offering a dark mode to its users. We'll show you how to activate it on your device.

How to set up dark mode in WhatsApp?

To activate the new Dark Mode on Android you need to at least be running version 2.20.64 of WhatsApp, which normally should be installed on your device if it’s up to date. If this is not the version you’re running, update WhatsApp. As well as that, your device needs to be running Android system 9 and beyond.

Users running Android 10 can activate Dark Mode in system settings. It will then be applied to all apps on the phone, including WhatsApp. To do this go to Settings>Display & Brightness and then select Dark Mode.

For users operating Android 9 you’ll find the option in WhatsApp itself. Open the app and go to Settings > Chats > Select Design > Dark

On iPhones and iPads you need iOS 13 for Dark Mode. Like with Android 10, you activate Dark Mode via system settings. You need to go to Display & Brightness and select Dark Mode .

How to add dark mode for older Android operating systems?

If your device is only compatible with an older version of Android, then unfortunately you cannot set Dark Mode directly in WhatsApp. There are some work arounds though to achieve the same effect: 

Change the chat background

The simplest method to achieve a ‘fake’ Dark Mode is to use one of the dark backgrounds for your WhatsApp chats. Open the app and go to Settings. Then select Chats > Chat Wallpaper> Solid colours > Black/Dark purple. Keep in mind that this setting only changes the colour of your chat window. The remainder of WhatsApp will still appear in the default colours:

Download a dark mode app

There are a few apps specifically designed to apply dark mode to applications on your phone. We suggest Swift Black Substratum Theme, an Android app that allows you to apply dark mode overlays to the apps you want, choosing from their selection of over 200 templates. 

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