How to stop sponsored ads on Facebook 2022

How to stop sponsored ads on Facebook 2022

If you're a regular Facebook user, you know that sponsored ads can be found almost everywhere on the social network these days. Unfortunately, since 2022 there are no more ways to hide all the sponsored ads as you could do before.

To disable sponsored ads on Facebook:

Since 2022, there are no more ways to configure the sponsored ad settings in the menu. You can still tune some ads parameters though:

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Open the Account menu by clicking on the arrow on the upper right part of the screen.
  • Go to Settings & Privacy > Settings.
  • On the left panel, go to Ads, and a new menu will open.
  • On the left panel, go to Ad Settings.
  • Configure your preferences (like Data about your activity from partners > Use data from partners).

You will be able to hide ads from a specific advertiser when seeing one of them by clicking on them and specifying you don't want to see them, but other ads will be displayed. Moreover, it seems no adblocker can fix it.

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