Top Chrome extensions: for security, productivity

Top Chrome extensions: for security, productivity

Google Chrome is already a powerful browser, but if you want more features, don't forget that you can add as many extensions as you like. Extensions allow you to customize your browser with tools to improve your browsing experience.

There are hundreds of Chrome extensions available, but here we will present you with our Top picks so you can start exploring this world of browser customization. Our list is split into three groups: Internet security, Work, and Culture & leisure. Some of these extensions are also compatible with other browsers. Don't hesitate to try them, you will see that a simple extension can make browsing much more fun!

Internet security

  • DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo aims to guarantee the absolute privacy of your internet activity. It generates an encrypted Google Chrome connection with each site visited so that your data is not captured. It's also pssible to block hidden trackers, and spyware.

DuckDuckGo has its own browser with advanced security features, but if you want to continue using Chrome, you can download the extension only here.

duck duck go
© Duck Duck Go
  • Click & Clean

Click & Clean cleans all of your activity in Google Chrome. The goal is to preserve your online privacy, so you can configure the extension to automatically delete all stored cookies, cache, and history after every step on the internet. In addition, you can use it to track the presence of malware or clear memory and free up space. It can be downloaded here.

  • LastPass

The LastPass extension helps you to create strong passwords without having to keep them in mind, the app will do it for you. It also lets you use two-factor authentication to protect you from unauthorized access to your data. LastPass is available here.

  • FlowCrypt

FlowCrypt is an extension to ensure the maximum security of content sent via Gmail. It encrypts all emails and attachments. The receiver can only open them if they have FlowCrypt installed or use a custom decryption code that you can create yourself. You can download it here.

© FlowCrypt
  • AdBlock Plus

It is the most popular and the most trustworthy Google Chrome extension. It will block annoying videos, popups, and ad banners and protect you from ad tracking and malware that can be hidden in certain ad links and websites. Get AdBlock Plus here.

Work tools

  • Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is used to access your computer remotely through Google Chrome. If you install this extension, you can access your browser and computer files from almost any other internet-connected device that can download the program. To get started, install the extension on your computer and the other device you want to access remotely. It uses a verification code to secure your connection. To try it out, download it here.

chrome remote desktop
© Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Forest

The Internet is a window to an infinite world filled with distractions. That is why we have selected Forest, an extension that promotes concentration. How? Very easy, it creates a Blacklist which temporarily blocks the sites that most distract you, such as Social Media. It lets you choose which sites to block and for how long, which will help you stay focused. You can get it here.

  • Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder

This utility is really awesome because it can capture the whole page in a few seconds. It can also video record your screen, and the best part is that you don't need to have any specific apps for it, just a Chrome extension. Moreover, it is very customizable and offers you plenty of editing options. You can download it here

  • Grammarly

Grammarly is beneficial for those who constantly or exceptionally work with the English language. It reviews all text you type in Chrome to correct grammar and punctuation errors. There's a free and paid version with more advanced text functions. You can download it here.

© Crammarly
  • Google Translate

Google Translate is a classic extension that you can download here. You can translate an entire web page, phrase, or paragraph in one click. It's also possible to type and translate your text.

Culture and Leisure

  • Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture is a unique extension: it shows you a new work of art every time you open a tab in Chrome. Any time is a good time to enjoy a work of art. WIth this extension, you will discover everything from classic paintings to street art. You can also customise what type of art you prefer to view and if you prefer a new image in each tab or one image per day reflected in each open tab. In addition, you can save or print each of the works of art presented. You can find it here.

google arts and culture
© Google Arts&Culture
  • Touch VPN

Touch VPN is an extension that keeps you IP address hidden. If you are a fan of a foreign television network that is restricted in your country, or if you prefer to access the content offered by a streaming platform in another continent, or if you want to watch a football match that does not occur in your place of residence Open channel, Touch VPN is the perfect extension for you. Once installed, you can change your location country in one click to navigate freely and view all content without geographical restrictions. It guarantees your privacy and is unlimited. It is available here.

  • Push to Kindle

Push to Kindle is a handy extension that ensures you don't miss any exciting content on the internet without getting distracted. If you find an article, you would like to read later, click on the extension in Chrome and send the text directly to your Kindle. This will be stored in your library, where you can access it anytime. It's very simple and fast, you can download it here.

push to kindle
© Push to Kindle

How to update your Google Chrome extensions?

Usually, Chrome extensions update automatically, but you can do it manually if you like. Type chrome://extensions/ and press Enter. Then, click on the Update button at the top to update them all. Otherwise, you can open a specific extension, click on Details and Update it one by one.

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