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July 2018

Why smileys?

When typing words on the Internet, it's not always easy to convey feelings, emotions, or concepts like humor to the people you're communicating with. Here's a simple tip for getting the right message across:
Use ASCII characters to represent little faces. They're called "smileys" or "emoticons." Just tilt your head to the left to see a face:

This face reflects that of the person who is typing it.


Smiley  Smiley with a nose
:)Basic smiley :-)
;)Winking smiley ;-)
:(Unhappy smiley :-(
:|Apathetic smiley:-|
:-Neutral smiley. The user made an ambiguous comment.:-
:DLaughing smiley:-D
:*Kissing smiley:-*
:XSmiley keeping quiet:-X
:PTalkative smiley (or smiley sticking its tongue out):-P
:o)Clown smiley:o)
:O)Very funny smiley:O)
;(Sad smiley;-(
:oSurprised smiley:-o
:OVery surprised smiley:-O
O:)Angel smileyO:-)
>:>Devil smiley>:->
>:)Impish smiley>:-)
:->Sarcastic smiley:->
8)Smiley on vacation/holiday (or with glasses)8-)
:\Unsure smiley:-\
:/Innocent smiley:-/
=|:)Abraham Lincoln smiley=|:-)
<:o}Smiley for, oh, let's say Merlin the Magician<:-o}
:&Spaghetti-eating smiley:-&

There are hundreds of smileys; it's not even possible to list them all, it's more fun to invent new ones... :)


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Smiley (emoticonos)
Smiley (emoticonos)
Smiley (Emoticon)
Smiley (Emoticon)
Smiley (émoticône) / Smiley Facebook
Smiley (émoticône) / Smiley Facebook
Smiley (Emoticon)
Smiley (Emoticon)

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