• License : Commercial | OS : Windows
  • License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Word Art Generator is, as its name suggests, a utility that lets you create WordArt. The WordArt editing tool is integrated in Microsoft Word and is now available in the downloadable... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • The DNS domain name is the address created to access it. DNS Benchmark is a program designed to test the speed of the access to that kind of address. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Keyboard Layout Creator Microsoft is what you need to define your keyboard layout when Microsoft does not support your language or enter your favourite symbols in a text by a single... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Having access to the screen of the Windows terminal from a computer is now possible thanks to the creation of the software MyMobiler. It also allows a total control of the device. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Want to keep yourself in good shape ? Try Fitness Training Manual. It is a complete manual helpin you to monitor your physical training program. License : Freeware | OS : Document
  • License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • As its name suggests, Contact Manager Freeware is a tool that helps you to manage your contacts whether professional or personal ones. It offers features to record various information... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Easy Unit Converter is an application to easily convert the most common measure units. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Foreign language courses can be extremely expensive nowadays. To reduce your expenses and at the same time to acquire new language knowledge, you can just download 50 Languages app... License : Freeware | OS : Android
  • Merge Excel Files software can merge Excel sheets into one new sheet or merge excel workbooks into one new workbook with multiple worksheets. The software allows you as well to import... License : Shareware | OS : Windows
  • License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Roadbook Creator Edition Rallye is a tool that helps with the creation of the road maps for rallyes and thus, helps rallye pilots. License : Demo | OS : Windows
  • License : Freeware | OS : Android, Windows
  • License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Photo Music is a simple software for creating a slideshow with music and photos. However, it seems that this software is no longer supported by the publisher. Thus, it may no longer... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • iMazing is a tool enabling to manage and backup your iPhone, iPod, or iPad files from your computer. You can safely transfer and save your music, messages, files and data. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • JX Ovulation Calendar is a software specially designed for women. It is an easy and user-friendly ovulation calculator that estimates your fertile days and considers the possible fluctuations... License : Freeware | OS : Windows


  • Compact Scientific Calculator 36 is a professional scientific calculator. It allows dealing with various advanced mathematical operations such as derivatives, functions and algebras.... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Date Calculator allows calculating the number of days, weeks, months or years between two intervals of dates. It is provided with various options to fit to each user's needs. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Electrical Calculations is a professional software to calculate electrical units. It allows making a forecast of the density of voltage and the amperage rate. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • RLM 12C Financial Calcultor is a financial calculator. The application is the perfect reconstruction of the model 12c from HP: its interface takes up perfectly the original model. It... License : Shareware | OS : Windows
  • Matrix Calculator Pro is a tool designed to handle complex mathematical operations, especially the calculation of matrices. It easy-to-use and provides fast calculation. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Multi Calculator for Android is a useful tool not only for your daily simple calculations but also for solving complex problems if you work with numbers. License : Freeware | OS : Android
  • We often encounter difficulties in achieving high accuracy in calculations with a typical calculator, right? Free Smart Math Calculator is a software that offers greater accuracy in... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Statistics Calculator is a tool designed for researchers who for example, need to write a report and execute a test for statistical analysis significance without complex schemes, heavy... License : Shareware | OS : Windows
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Data management

  • Database Viewer-Editor is an efficient and powerful data management tool. With its easy to handle interface and its various effective and performing features, it will perfectly fit... License : Shareware | OS : Windows
  • FolderHighlight is a program that can change the visual appearance of folders on your PC running under Windows OS. This process can be essential for sorting all kinds of folders stored... License : Shareware | OS : Windows
  • Microsoft Access is one of the Microsoft Office suite programs and provides high-standard data processing tools to help you handle, manage, and process all your data no matter what... License : Demo | OS : Windows 64 bits, Windows 32 bits
  • Would you like to visualize the performance of your organization in one single place? That's the power of Microsoft Power BI, a business intelligence (BI) tool that transforms your... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • MS Access Database Viewer is a tool that enables you to handle contents of a MS Access Database. Offering an intuitive interface, this application gives you the ease of viewing data. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • pgAdmin 4 is a PostgreSQL data base management program. Indeed, it is one of the applications developed by Jean-Michel Pour. It helps users in writing SQL queries and in other tasks. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • SAP Crystal Reports Viewer 2020 is a free application designed to open and visualize RTP reports straight from your desktop. License : Freeware | OS : Windows 64 bits, Windows 32 bits, macOS
  • Visual Paradigm is a software designed for Unified Modeling Language (UML). It allows you to draw all types of UML diagrams and compare them. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
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Dictionaries and translation

  • DocTranslate is a tool specially designed to assist in the translation from one language to another. In fact, the use of this tool can be advantageous since it enables to quickly translate... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • The English-French Larousse Dictionary is an application that provides all of the benefits of the famous Larousse Dictionary in a digital form. Including 250,000 words and phrases,... License : Commercial | OS : Android
  • GoldenDict is a virtual dictionary. It has many useful features including a search engine that makes it easy to find descriptions for specific words. It also has a user-friendly interface,... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Google Translate is Google's official translation application for mobile phones and tablets. It enables you to translate words, phrases, paragraphs, or an entire text into the target... License : Freeware | OS : Android
  • Just Translate from Jalada developers is an ideal tool to translate and learn little by little a foreign language. It also has a built-in spelling checker and offers an offline translation... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Managing documents becomes hard especially when there are many of them to handle. Multilizer PDF Translator will solve your problem by helping you to translate the PDF documents you... License : Demo | OS : Windows
  • Talking Translator Pro is a translation software integrated with many tools, such as finding the meaning of foreign words, synonyms, a text-to-speech feature, as well as the option... License : Shareware | OS : Windows
  • Translate Safari Extension for Mac is a plug-in for Safari that will allow you to translate content on your Mac easily. License : Freeware | OS : Safari extension
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Office suites

  • Designed by Xpress Software Inc., Advanced ID Creator Professional allows you to set an effective organization and a well established protocol. With its various features, the program... License : Shareware | OS : Windows
  • If you changed your old Windows computer for a newer one and encounter problems with older Excel formats documents, such as XLS, you might be interested in software such as Convert... License : Shareware | OS : Windows
  • Excel Viewer is a software designed by Microsoft. Its main function is to open and print Excel workbooks even though there is no Excel Office installed on the computer. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • It goes without saying that older versions of Windows documents are not compatible with the more recent versions. In this case, it is preferable to use Microsoft Office Compatibility... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Apache OpenOffice is a tool that helps users manage their spreadsheets, documents, and multimedia presentations. This software features several programs, including a word processor,... License : Freeware | OS : Windows, macOS
  • To escape from the monotony of the classic wall calendars, Photo Print Calendar offers a possibility of high quality customizations. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • PowerPoint Viewer is a full-featured tool to view PowerPoint 97 and later versions presentations. If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can still open... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Microsoft always has solutions and for those who don't have Word installed on their computer, Word Viewer might be one of their best yet. Once downloaded and installed, Word Viewer... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
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  • All-Business-Letter is a helpful program for writing business letters. It offers several customizable templates to make it easier to create different kinds of letters and includes over... License : Shareware | OS : Windows
  • Managing all your Smartphone data and applications from your desktop is almost impossible to do without an appropriate program like BlackBerry Desktop Manager. This application will... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Crystal Reports is a reporting tool that helps managers evaluate the production of their staff. License : Shareware | OS : Windows
  • Everybody wants to become excellent in keyboard typing. Dactylo is an application developed by Gérard Ledu that is aiming at improving your typing skills. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Easy Date Converter is a program for counting days between two dates. It is able to display dates in different formats such as Julian cardinal or ordinal date. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • License : Open Source | OS : Windows
  • The Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS add-in is an official Windows software that allows you to export and save documents into PDF and XPS file formats in Microsoft Office 2007. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Qelectrotech is a program designed both for professionals or beginners in the electrical engineering field. It is used for creating electrical diagrams. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
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  • PDF documents are commonly and frequently used. Without the right tool, files can be easily corrupted. Adobe Acrobat plug-in also known as AutoSplit plug-in enables to split, merge... License : Shareware | OS : Windows
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is the reader version of the Adobe Acrobat app that features many useful tools to open, view, edit, and collaborate. License : Freeware | OS : Windows 64 bits, Windows 32 bits, macOS, Android, iOS
  • Cute PDF Writer is a customizable tool that exports Windows-generated files to PDF format. The software works like a virtual printer, meaning that it is displayed alongside your other... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • PDFCreator is a free and easy-to-tool that can create PDF documents from any application which has a printing function. It provides professional results with a few clicks. To create... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • PDF to PowerPoint Converter is a useful tool for converting PDF documents into PowerPoint format, so you can edit your presentations quickly and easily anytime. License : Shareware | OS : Windows
  • License : Shareware | OS : Windows
  • Smart PDF Converter Pro is a tool to convert PDF documents to many different formats, such as doc, html, tiff and many more. It also can convert files in batches to save your time. License : Shareware | OS : Windows
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  • 3GP Photo Slideshow is a program that is designed to facilitate the creation of simple photos to slideshow. This software is a complete tool to create custom slideshows. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • What is GoToMeeting? If you are looking for a handy application to organize your video conferences and make calls from wherever you are, GoToMeeting could be a great solution. GoToMeeting... License : Commercial | OS : Windows
  • Kernel for Excel Repair is a software for recovering and repairing corrupted Excel files. License : Shareware | OS : Windows
  • Microsoft PowerPoint has revolutionized the way people make presentations to showcase their ideas and projects, both in educational and professional fields. The possibilities of PowerPoint... License : Demo | OS : Windows 64 bits, Windows 32 bits, macOS, Android, iOS
  • Microsoft Visio allows you to quickly and easily create diagrams with data-driven, dynamic visual elements. License : Demo | OS : Windows
  • Page Plus is a very useful tool for publication conception. It has plenty of simple but efficient features that will help a beginner or a DTP professional to carry out a project. You... License : Commercial | OS : Windows
  • Prezi Next (also called Prezi Present) is the successor of Prezi Classic and provides an innovative solution to create groundbreaking presentations. Prezi Next focuses on beautiful... License : Demo | OS : Windows
  • Photoshow Gold is a graphic program that lets you combine all your picture and/or video in a one file with impressive effects. Very convenient, it allows users in a few clicks to get... License : Shareware | OS : Windows
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  • The worksheet of Microsoft Excel is well-known for its flexibility when processing data. Formulas and macros make data entry easier, however, it is still quite complicated to create... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet editor used worldwide both at work and at home. It offers a simple and flexible interface, thousands and thousands of formulas and features, graphing... License : Demo | OS : Windows 64 bits, Windows 32 bits, macOS, Android, iOS
  • License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • It is now possible to clear off entering dates manually in an Excel sheet. has designed Excel Date Picker, previously known as Pop-up Excel Calendar, an add-in for Microsoft... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • What is SPSS? It is a statistical tool used by thousands of professionals worldwide. Whether for describing the characteristics of a given population, to compare two groups or to study... License : Shareware | OS : Windows
  • Unit Converter for Excel is one of Microsoft Excel plug-ins that can convert measurement units. It is easy to use, so you don't need any special technical knowledge to work with this... License : Shareware | OS : Windows
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Word processors

  • The best way to remember a memo is to put it before your eyes. For this, you need a programme like Notepad Desktop. License : Shareware | OS : Windows
  • Grammarly Keyboard is an application similar to the original Grammarly desktop version but designed for those who write frequently in English from their mobile phones and need to make... License : Freeware | OS : Android
  • IBM Lotus Symphony is an Office Suite for processing Microsoft documents. It can read create, edit and share these types of files. It is developed by IBM Lotus Software. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • LibreOffice is an office suite that can be an alternative to Microsoft Office. It was developed by The Document Foundation and was initially released in January 2011. It contains a... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Microsoft Word is one of the most popular text editing and formatting pieces of software as it offers pretty much everything you need to allow you to create the text document you want.... License : Demo | OS : Windows 64 bits, Windows 32 bits, macOS, Android, iOS
  • Sometimes writing an article, screenplay or student thesis can be hard. That's why the Scrivener exists. This program can help you to organize your thoughts, make drafts and finish... License : Shareware | OS : Windows
  • Tiff PDF Counter facilitates the invoice or any other document page counting. Packed with an overview tool, this software is easy to use and work on Windows as well as on Mac OS. License : Shareware | OS : Windows
  • Before Microsoft Word became the industry standard text processing software in the mid-90's, personal computers in households and offices around the globe were more likely to use WordPerfect... License : Demo | OS : Windows
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