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Why Can't I Sign Into My Yahoo! Account?

There are several possible situations where you can’t sign in to your Yahoo! Account. It can happen because you forgot the password, someone hacked your account or Yahoo! blocked it for safety reasons. In this short article, you will find what went wrong and how to fix it.

I Forgot the Password

It’s no big deal if you forgot your password. Click on Forgotten Password and if there is your mobile phone written above click on Yes, send me a code. Otherwise, you can use Sign-In Helper to recover your password.

My Account Was Hacked

If you can not access your Yahoo! account and some of your friends or colleagues received spam or unusual mail from you, this might mean that your account has been hacked. This could lead to malware and spyware being downloaded when your family and friends open their mails and click on any links. If this is the case, you should secure your account and recover your password as soon as possible. Use Sign-in Helper to verify that this account belongs to you and follow the procedure.

My Account Is Locked

For security reasons Yahoo! Mail automatically locks your account if there have been several attempts to login with an incorrect password. In this case you can use Sign-Up Helper or wait for 12 hours when the lock will be removed.

Outdated Auto-filling Information

If your browser automatically filled in your passwords on mail services or other systems and you changed it recently, you might experience problems while signing in. Check your browser settings and write manually your password to reset the outdated one.

Other Tips

  • When you login always make sure that the internet connection is working properly
  • Make sure you are using the correct lettering: check if caps lock or number lock are activated or not as needed.
  • Always keep in mind the recovery information such as secret questions, additional email or telephone numbers related to your account, because it’s the only possibility to bring back your account
  • Use two-step verification process on your Account Security Page to better secure your account from hackers
  • If you change password always clear caches and cookies from your browser to reset the auto-fill settings and sign-in manually.

<ital>Note: If you experience problems recovering your Yahoo! Account, check this article for more solutions.


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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