Windows 7 - Increase the buffer size of the command prompt

April 2018

Before Windows came into existence, the most commonly used Operating System was the Disk Operating System (DOS). Even though DOS was not included in Windows for many years, there is still the command prompt feature. Command prompt is a text command line interpreter. A buffer is a transitory holding segment of RAM which contains transferrable information in the form of commands. Windows 7 can be customized to increase the buffer size of the command prompt. To increase the buffer size in Windows 7, go to Run in Start menu and type cmd. You will get the command prompt window. Right click on the window and click Properties. You can modify the buffer size value in the Options tab.

To increase the memory buffer used by the command prompt:
  • Click on Start > Run > cmd
  • Right click on the command prompt window > Properties
  • In the "Option" tab, modify the value next to the "Buffer size" entry
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