How To Change Your Computer's Language or Region on Windows 10

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In Windows 10, it’s possible to change your preferred language and add additional input languages. Users can select multiple languages that will be used to customize the appearance of Windows and 3rd party apps. Additionally, changing your computer’s region allows Microsoft and other apps to display personalized info and to set default date and time preferences, although these may be later modified.

Change Your Computer’s Language

To change your language, first go to the Start menu, then select the gear icon to open your computer’s Settings:

In the window that opens, click Time & language, then select Regional & Language:

Go to the column Languages then click Add a language:

A list will appear with the languages available on Windows 10. Click on the language you would like to add and it will be added to the set languages on your PC. To set a newly added language as default, click on the desired language in your computer’s list of languages and select Set as default. Users can also set keyboard options or remove a preferred language from the list by selecting Options or Remove, respectively:

N.B. Users can switch between input languages by pressing the Alt and Shift keys simultaneously.

Change Your Computer’s Region

To change your Region, go to the Start menu, select the gear icon to open your Settings, click Time & language, and then select Regional & Language. In the first drop-down, select your preferred country to set your region. The change will be applied automatically:

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