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How to Open/Read a DVI file format on Windows?

DVIis the acronym for the Device Independent file format, which is the output file format for documents written in LaTeX. These files are essentially binary files. LaTeX file.Tex creates this file. To see the .DVI file on the Windows platform, the download and installation of MiKTex is a must. This software is free and version 2.5 should be downloaded. Once the procedure for the installation is complete, double clicking the DVI file will open it.

DVI is a file format a bit like PDF often created using LaTex. DVI stands for Device Independent.

On Windows, you can install MiKTeX, which includes software for viewing DVI, and LaTeX itself (which you can also use toconvert TeX files (.tex) to DVI). MiKTeX is free.

Website: http://www.miktex.org/
Download version 2.5 (stable): http://heanet.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/miktex/basic-miktex-2.5.2471.exe (45.5 MB)

Once installed, simply double-click a DVI file to view it.

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