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How to Insert Clickable Links in an Email

E-mail serves us not only to share important information, but also to share links to interesting webpages and other type of online content (videos, audio, social media, pictures,...). But sometimes when you paste a link using the Ctrl + V key combination directly into the body of your email message, it will be displayed as a normal text. How to make the link clickable again?

This tip describes a simple method to add clickable links in a Gmail message:

Adding a clickable link in the body of an email message

The first step is obviously to create a new message, enter the email address of the sender, subject and content. Click where you want to add the link and then either press the CTRL + K key combination or click on the Insert Link button located at the bottom of the message composition window:

Paste the link that you want to share in the To what URL should this link go and then click OK:

The link will be highlighted in blue, which means that it is active:

Hide your links behind a phrase

Instead of having a lengthy link (https://www....) pasted in your email message, you can hide a it behind a phrase or word. There are two method that can be used, but both lead to the same result:

Edit an existing link

In the first method we will edit Text to display field on an existing link. Click on the link > Change:

Edit the Text to display field to your convenience and click on OK.

Edit the text

In the email body, select the text you want to use as hyperlink and then click on the Insert link button:

Paste the link that you want to share in the To what URL should this link go and then click OK:

That's it! The selected text now appears in blue. When you click on it you will be redirected to the webpage to which it relates:
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