What Is Gmail Go?

What Is Gmail Go?

If you use the Gmail app on your Android device a lot, and sometimes your telephone bugs or slows down because of all the information coming from within the app, the new Gmail Go application might be just for you! It's lightweight, easy to handle and as useful as the original Gmail app. Read this article to find out what it is and how to use it.

What is Gmail Go?

The new Google app for Android smartphones is Gmail Go, a new application from Google’s “Go” series that has “lite” versions of the same apps, such as Google Go.

The new Gmail Go is a perfect offer for Android users, who work with the Gmail email service a lot. As you know, the original Gmail application takes too much storage space or sometimes slows down old Android processors.

Gmail Go, on the other hand, is extremely lightweight (9.9 M) and has almost all the features provided by the original app, except that it doesn’t have the Google Meet integration that normally takes up some storage space.

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You can download the Gmail Go app for free.

What are the main features?

  • A smarter inbox: your incoming mail will be organized from the most important to the least. All spam and promotions newsletters are arranged neatly so you don’t waste your precious time on it.
  • A reduced display refresh rate, which may lead to a slight delay of input when using the application on powerful smartphones, but contributes to a more rational consumption of resources on entry-level gadgets.
  • 15 GB of free storage space included
  • You can switch between your multiple Gmail accounts with a simple swipe.

Why and when do you need to use it?

The Gmail Go app is an ideal solution for users who need their Gmail accounts well organized, but don’t want any additional built-in features and settings, such as Google Meet, complex interface with layers, high-resolution animation and other, not always useful options. It’s perfect for older Android devices so they don’t slow down and keep their storage space at maximum!

Do you need more help with the Gmail app or the Gmail Go app? Check out our forum!