Android - How to Upload Videos on YouTube

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This tutorial explains how to publish new videos on your YouTube channel using your Android smartphone. The YouTube app integrates all the tools you require to upload and edit videos stored your device.


Download and install the latest version of the YouTube app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

to YouTube

Once installed, launch the YouTube app and select the Account tab. Tap on the blue profile icon and sign-in to your YouTube Channel. You can add another existing account or create a new one by clicking on the small + button:

You can manage (delete or edit) videos published on your channel by going to My Channel > Videos:

Upload your video

Back to the Account tab, tap on the small red button (with a white arrow) to upload a new video:

You can choose to upload a video stored on your phone (Gallery) or from online services such as Dropbox and Google Drive:

Edit your video

The video opens in the video editor of the YouTube app. The blue handles on the timeline allows you to trim unwanted sections of the video:

The small button shaped as a music note displayed allows you to insert an audio track in your video. You can choose a track from YouTube's music library or upload an audio file from your phone:

The magic wand button allows you apply a filter to your video (Sepia, Silver Screen, 8mm...):

All that remains is to choose a title, add a short description, select the appropriate tags and set the visibility options for your video (Private, Public or Unlisted):

Tap on the paper plane-shaped icon (top right) to upload your video.
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