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How To Reset Your Facebook Password

If you no longer remember your password, Facebook offers a variety of ways to reset it. However, the options available to you will depend upon your security preferences.

Resetting Your Facebook Password

To get started, go to Facebook and click on the Forgotten account? link located below the Password field:

In the next window, enter the email address or phone number associated with your Facebook account and click Search:

Facebook will then display the linked profile and will propose several methods to verify your account. First, confirm that the photo and name which appear on the right hand of the screen correctly identify your account. If the account is not yours, select Not You? to locate the correct account:

Reset Facebook Password Using A Gmail Account

If you have a Gmail account, you can also select Use my Gmail account to reset your password. To use this option, log in to your Gmail account, select Use my Gmail account on the Facebook password reset page, and select Continue. Next, a confirmation message will appear in a new window. Click OK to set your new password:

Enter a new password, click Continue, and follow the remaining instructions to save the change:

Reset Facebook Password Using An Email or Phone Number

If your Facebook profile is correctly identified, the phone number(s) and email address(es) linked to your account will display. If you have access to them, you will be able to receive a code to reset your Facebook password by selecting Send code via email or Send code via SMS and then clicking Continue. The code will be sent via your selected method and a page will appear to enter the security code:

Enter the code and select Continue:

Enter a new password, click Continue, and follow the remaining instructions to save the change.

Reset Facebook Password Without Contact Information

If you no longer have access to the email(s) or phone number(s) associated to your account, go to the Reset Your Password Page and click No longer have access to these?:

Facebook requires access to one of the linked email accounts to confirm your identity. The next window will provide additional information on how to regain access to your email account. However, if you are unable to regain access, Facebook will not allow you to reset the password and you will be unable to access the account.

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