How To Identify Your Motherboard in Windows 10

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The motherboard is at the heart of any computer as it accommodates most of the hardware components. If you'd like to prevent against compatibility issues when upgrading your PC or installing new components, it's important that you first identify your motherboard model (brand, manufacturer, and chipset).

This tutorial describes three simple ways to find information about your motherboard in Windows 10 (no third party software is required).

How To Find Your Motherboard's Brand, Model, and Serial Number

Identify the Motherboard with the Command Prompt

Right-click on the Start menu > Command Prompt. Type the
wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer,version,serialnumber
command and press Enter to validate:

This command will return the information you're looking for.

Identify the Motherboard via the System Information Window

Open the Run command ([Windows key] + [R]), type
and click on OK to open System Information. Click on System summary and you'll get an overview of all your hardware components. Search for an entry named Motherboard (or Baseboard):

Identify the Motherboard with the DirectX Diagnostic Tool

Open the Run command, type the
command and click on OK to open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool:

Go to the System tab and make a note of what is written next to System Model. Use this information to refine your online search.

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