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How To Download Videos For Free Without Software

Are you searching for a way download a video without having to install any applications or programs in order to do so? In this article we will present you some online platforms that allow you to save videos from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other relevant page, onto your PC or phone completely free of charge.

You can use various web applications or add an extension to your web browser, allowing you to download videos from any site. The downloading time depends on the size of the video and your internet speed.

N.B. These solutions do not work on subscription websites, like Netflix or Hulu.

How to Find a Video URL

Regardless of where you want to download videos from, the following method should work.

On your PC

  • Find the webpage containing the video you want to download.
  • Copy the video URL (the address that appears in the search bar) by right-clicking on it and selecting Copy.

On your Phone

  • Go to the website or app where the video you want to download is located (let's say it's Instagram, although it works very similarly on Twitter and other pages).
  • Click on the three points at the top right of the video.

  • Select Copy link in the box of options that opens up.

Once you have the link on your clipboard, you will need to go to one of the following websites:

Download Videos Using Web Applications

Download Videos Using KeepVid

1. Go to the KeepVid website, right-click or long-click on the white box and select Paste. Then click Download.

2. Wait a few seconds while the download is processed and then once completed, select the format in which you want your video to download.

Download Videos Using Savefrom.net

1.Go to the savefrom website. Once there, paste your link into the white box at the top of the page. Your URL will be automatically processed.

2. Click Download. If any ads pop up, you can block or close them and this will not affect your download.

Download Videos With Downloadvideosfrom

  • Go to the Downloadvideosfrom website and paste the address of your video in the white box (you will see that it says Facebook but it actually recognises videos from any Internet site).

  • Select Download MP4 or Download MP4 HD.

You may need to allow downloads from the website but once you have, the download will begin and be saved in your downloads folder.

Download Videos With a Browser Extension

If you download videos frequently from your PC, we recommend adding an extension that will facilitate the ease of your downloads. We recommend the following:

1. Once the extension is added, open the page where your video is and play it.

2. Click the extension icon (a downward pointing arrow that should now have turned blue) and click Download again.

Where Are the Videos Stored?

If you are on your PC, you will find them in This Equipment> Downloads. Mac users will find them in Finder > Downloads. Finding them on your phone is even easier, as they will have been saved in the gallery along with the rest of your photos and videos.


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