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How To Leave a Facebook Group

Facebook has continually added features that promote community involvement, most notably Facebook Groups. This feature allows multiple users to discuss any common topic together inside a private group; the group admin can also make their group public if they wish. However, users sometimes get bored of or annoyed with their group and want to exit from their Facebook group. Continue reading to discover how to do so.

How To Exit a Facebook Group

To leave a Facebook group, log in to your Facebook profile and go to the Facebook Groups page. This page shows all of the groups in which you are a member:

Click the Settings icon located right below the name of the group that you want to leave to open the options for that group. Click Leave Group:

Next, confirm the process by clicking Leave Group:

Click Prevent other members from adding you to this group again to permanently leave the group. If you do this, no one can ever add you back in the group again.

Image: © Facebook.
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