How To Access Google USA

April 2018

Whether you're a webmaster or a regular user, it can sometimes be useful to utilize the Google USA interface in order to find English-language results or search results relevant to American users. By default, Google search will automatically redirect you to your country's own page upon conducting a search, but there is a way to stop the site's redirection.

This article will teach you how to access Google U.S. from other countries.

Access the Google U.S. Site

If you'd like to prevent Google from automatically redirecting your search to your country's default page, you will have to navigate using the No Country Redirection link.

To do this, simply type into your browser. Upon hitting Enter, your page will be fixed on the Google USA homepage. A link to your country's default page will be shown in the bottom-right corner so that you can get back to the page at any point:

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