How to block ads under Google Chrome?

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There are several extensions for the Google Chrome browser, to block ads and make your browsing even better!

Block visual ads


Author : Gundlach
Rating : 4,5/5 - 3747 votes
Number of Users : 726.528 users
Version : 1.4.20
Features :
  • No data is collected by Adblock
  • Optimizing the speed to recover as much of milliseconds.
  • An intuitive management of items to be plack listed (press Ctrl-Shift-K and click on the advertisement you wish to block)
  • Ability to add sites to a whitelist
  • To add a management button in the address bar you should download this extension.


Author : ttjoseph
Rating : 4,0/5 - 1612 votes
Number of Users : 163.580 users
Version : 0.8.16
Features :
  • No data is collected by AdThwart
  • Uses the same listing as Adblock Plus (same black list as firefox)
  • Ability to manually block ads
  • Button in the toolbar available by default

Ad Blocker Webmail

Author : jason
Rating : 4,5/5 - 47 votes
Number of Users : 3.199 users
Version : 2.1.2
Features :
  • Removes the ads in Yahoo Mail, Google Mail and Hotmail.
  • Highlights the current day in the calendar.
  • Removes the toolbar option.

Hide Gmail ads

Author : Alexander
Rating : 4,5/5 - 13 votes
Number of Users : 837 users
Version : 1.7
Features :
  • Hide the ads on the right of Gmail interface, while keeping the useful links (moved to the top of the message), so that the message takes the full width available.
  • Hide 2 lines that are useless in the bottom of the page (the tips and the link to Google Home)
  • Reducing the width of the compositional range of mail in "text only" only.
  • And all this without any javascript, but with CSS.

Block audio notifications

By now you should have get rid of visual advertising, but you still have to remove audio notifications (ads). As most of them are Flash-based , you cam make use of the following extension to handle them:

FlashBlock by Ruzanow

Author : ruzanow
Rating : 4,5/5 - 363 votes
Number of Users : 30.031 users
Version :
Features :
  • Flashblock now blocks the following content types:
  • Flash
  • Macromedia Shockwave
  • Macromedia Authorware
  • MS Silverlight

FlashBlock by Josorek

Author : ruzanow
Rating : 4,5/5 - 537 votes
Number of Users : 94.521 users
Version : 0.9.30
Features :
  • The extension will automatically block Flash content on web pages.
  • Each element is replaced by a flash placeholder that allows you to load only the selected items on a given page.
  • You can also manage a whitelist of allowed sites via a control panel.
  • In general, FlashBlock helps reduce memory usage, reducing CPU utilization and can be used as an alternative to AdBlock.
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