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How to Create an Instagram Business Account

Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users, this is an incredibly large user base that businesses can access and interact with to promote themselves and their products. Not only a promotional tool, Instagram business users are finding new ways to make money with Instagram. This article will show you how to create an Instagram Business account, or switch to an Instagram Business account if you already have an Instagram account.

Why Make an Instagram Business Account

Whilst you could promote your business on Instagram without a business account, there are several key Instagram Business account features. Instagram business accounts get in depth statistics on post reach, follower demographics, advertising options, and the best times for posting based on when followers are online, among other useful additions. You can also add detailed information about your company, such as business hours, location, phone number and website.

How to Create Instagram Business Account

Before you get started, you will need to have a Facebook Business page. It is recommended that you create this with a dedicated Facebook account (although it is possible via your personal account). You can set this page to private if you do not intend to upload content to it.

Download Instagram

Firstly, in order to make a Business Account for Instagram you will need to download the Instagram app if you haven’t already. You can download Instagram for iPhone here,
Instagram for Android, and alternatively, Instagram for PC here.

Unlike other social media, you cannot easily publish content on your Instagram account from a PC. There is a work around for Mac users which permits you to upload photos from PC to Instagram. For Windows users see this article on how to download Instagram on your PC.

Create an Instagram Account

You will now need to create an Instagram (skip this step, if you already have an account then go to the section on how to change Instagram to a Business account). Avoid using a personal email address, or even personal Facebook account to create your new Instagram account. It is best keeping these separate. For a more in depth guide of how to create an Instagram account, refer to this dedicated article.

Setup your Profile

Now, you will need to create a username and password. If this is for a business, choose an appropriate username that is a good representation of your business, as this is one of the first things people will see when they look at your page. You can change your username after you have created it, however the amount of times you can change it per month is limited.

Select an Instagram Profile Photo

You will then be prompted to choose a profile photo for your business account. As this page represents your business, use something recognizable, associated to your brand, or a logo. For example, if you own a florists, use something appropriate.

Once this step is finished, you will be recommended a list of accounts to follow, we recommend that you wait until you fully finish setting up your account before doing this.

Fill Out The Instagram Bio

To complete your profile, fill out the bio and your contact information. The bio is important because it is your opportunity to explain what your business is all about, find your target audience using keywords and include a link to your website or storefront. You can edit your bio at any moment, so don’t feel pressured to get it perfect immediately.

How to Switch to an Instagram Business Account

Once you have fully created your Instagram account, you can now switch your account to a Business Account.

  • 1.Go to your profile, then go to the menu (icon in the top-right corner).
  • 2.Enter Settings
  • 3.Select Account
  • 4.Click Switch to business account.
  • 5.At this stage it is recommended (yet not mandatory) that you connect your business account with your previously created Facebook Page associated with your business. Note: Only one Facebook Page can be connected to your Instagram account. See this dedicated article on how to link Instagram with Facebook if necessary. If you want to post ads and incorporate Instagram Shopping on your page, connecting to Facebook is necessary.
  • 6.You will now need to decide which Instagram Business Categories you want to be attached to. You can change this later.
  • 7.Add any additional details related to your business and you are done.

Once you have finished setting up your business account, you are ready to start posting content. Be aware, you will need 100 followers before you can start using Instagram Analytics.

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