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How to Get Clubhouse App Invite

Clubhouse is a social network that focuses on drop-in audio conversations, and is currently in its early beta stage. If you want to join Clubhouse, you need an invitation. At the moment, there are two ways of getting an invitation, either join the Clubhouse waitlist, or ask an existing user for an invitation. This article will show you how to get a Clubhouse invite.

Get a Clubhouse Invite

These are the necessary steps to get a Clubhouse invite. Firstly start by downloading the Clubhouse app. It is currently only available on iOS devices, as they wanted to focus on a slower build up process. They intend to begin working on an Android version soon.

Once you have downloaded Clubhouse, open the app. You will be prompted to either Sign In if you have an Invite from a friend, or Get your username.

To get your username, you will need to Enter your phone number. This needs to be the phone number you are currently using as Clubhouse will send you a code to enter on the next page.

Once you have received your code, enter it.

You will then be prompted to Enter your full name. One of Clubhouse's rules is that you use your real name. If you do not use your real name you risk losing access to your account, or being denied an invite. Clubhouse may ask you to provide proof of identity, which will not be possible if you use a fake name, or try to impersonate someone else.

Now you can pick your future username for when you receive your invitation to your account. Your username will be what other users use to search for you.

If the username you have chosen hasn't already been taken, it will be reserved for you. Clubhouse will send you a message and an invite to your phone once your account has been accepted.

Now you just need to wait patiently before you can begin using Clubhouse. Whilst you wait, you can look at a recent Clubhouse video featuring Elon Musk.

Photo by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images


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