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How to make a YouTube Short?

All of you might have already seen the first short YouTube video “Me at the Zoo”? Well, we can say it was the ancestor of today’s YouTube Shorts video experience. Now you can create short videos, edit them on the go, and post on YouTube thanks to YouTube Shorts. In this article, we dig into the concept and explain to you how to make a YouTube Short.

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts’ concept is similar to Instagram Reels’s idea or the TikTok app: you can also make and publish short videos from your phone in a matter of seconds. With YouTube Shorts, you can create short videos with up to 60 seconds duration and with a multi-segment camera to string various clips together.

You can add music to your video, adjust your video’s speed, and even use a timer and countdown to make a hands-free video.

Note: Shorts is in beta. Don’t forget to update your YouTube app and you’ll see the option Create a Short.

How to create a YouTube Short?

1.To create a Short on YouTube, sign in to your YouTube account from your mobile device and tap on Create > Create a Short.

2.To make your Short longer than 15 seconds (up to 60 seconds), tap on 15. Although, recording longer videos (more than 15 seconds) doesn’t let you add music to them yet. If you want to record a 15-seconds video with some music, tap Add Sound, choose the soundtrack and start recording. Otherwise, you can add the audio after you have recorded the video by tapping on the Sound button at the bottom of the edit screen.

3.Tap on Speed to slow down or speed up your video. You can also tap on Timer to set the countdown.

4.To record a video clip, tap and hold the REC button. You can tap on Undo to remove the previous video or Redo to move it back.

5.Tap Done to preview your video and Next to add the title.

6.You can tap on Upload to finish and upload your video to YouTube.

You can then find your Short and other users’ Shorts in the Shorts section of the YouTube app.

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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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