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After going through a series of identity test, my account is still blocked. I logged into my account and was asked to confirm my identity, so I clicked on the bottom, "Get Started". I was told my account has been temporarily blocked for security reasons and if it does reflects my real name, I should help verify it, I clicked "Ok".

I was given a series of pictures, 4 actually, am certain I identified all four pictures with accuracy (three are people I know in person, one is just a facebook contact I very much interact with) but was told I've exceeded the hourly limit. I tried to go through the process a couple of hours later, but was told same, "hourly limit exceeded". Ever since it's been same. doesn't matter whether I try that in an hour, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10hours, I still get the same feed.

However, I do get group notifications to my e-mail about all that I've missed from the last time I logged in. I must add that, I followed a facebook link given to me by a close friend which resulted in me changing my password, subsequent grievances like this have resulted in requests to change my password but I've declined to do so as I believe it has nothing to do with my password

Baffles my reasoning as to why that hasn't been rectified. I've been given links to fill out forms but I dont get any reply whiles the other tells me my account hasn'tebeen disabled and that I may only appeal for a disabled account from my account.

This happened on Friday August 25th, am in my third week, Please do help solve this for me ASAP. Thank you

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Try below options to verify and unlock your temporarily locked Facebook account :

Don’t Open your Facebook account up to 96 hrs. Clear the cache and stuff like history etc. It may be back to normal.

If you still can’t, go through the automated security verification process. May be Facebook has detected some suspicious activity and your account got locked. In such cases,
You can verify by confirming your mobile number. Facebook will send you a code, you need to enter and verify your Facebook account. Once you have verified, you may able to unlock your Facebook account.

Account authenticity: Facebook will give you an option to verify by identifying the photos of your friends. You need to identify at most five photos to unlock your Facebook account. You will be provided with two lifeline, in case you didn’t able to identify your tagged friend in one go.

Once you have succeeded in identifying the tagged photo of your friend, you will be welcomed with a message “Account verified congratulation!”

You have to click continue to proceed for the next step. You will be asked your current email address or you can go with your new email address.

You will be asked to enter a new security question. Enter your preferred security question and at last your Facebook account get unlock. Further, you can proceed with unlocked Facebook account by logging in.
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If I could add screenshots you'll see the frustration. Like I said earlier, for 37hours now I haven't logged in, I've cleared everything, waiting till 96hours before I try logging in.
I was giveb four pictures and I identified all, with 100% accuracy. They are people I know personally. But they rold me "hourly limite exceeded", and regardless of how long I try later, it still persists. The only code then send me is to change ny password, I've changed two passwords so far, so am kinda certain has nothing to do with my password. I'll just try lohging in after 96hours
> aarashid
Did the 96 hour thing work? I also got my pictures 100% correct and they stated hourly limit exceeded. And im not able to confirm on another device, when I do so, it states error. Someone last night kept on changing my password and now I am unable to log in. Could someone please assist?
How long it will take houlry limit exceeded again i need to identify fb accounts .