I lost Yahoo Mail password and to the old phone number I gave up many years ago [Closed]

 liviudan -
Many years ago,on the account ***@*** I has an another account for a paid game.
Well,is a vicious circle,I can't recovery my game account,because I lost this yahoo account.On yahoo recovery,I have only one possibility,to recover from phone number.I remember that many years ago,accounts could be recovered with some questions and answers.I'm almost sure I could respond to them if they were active.How can I prove to Yahoo that I am the real account holder?

Thank you very much
Liviu Dan

P.S. From the combinations of the letters of my name comes nickname of yahoo (Liviu Dan --> lidan )

System Configuration: Windows / Firefox 65.0

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You cannot! Yahoo mail has changed "from years back!"

It is lost, there is nothing you can do if you have not logged into the account for at 9 months, and if there IS A MOBILE number on the account, THEY WILL SEND the verification to IT! Someone with your number now has access to your email if they wanted!

There is nothing anyone can, or will do!

Thank you

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Hi Mark

For Yahoo it's 12 months, for Gmail it's 9 months (time from conception to delivery)
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OOPs! Now I know!
Thank you for your answer.
But my account I see that was not deleted.Because when I wanted to recover it,I was asked if I had access to this phone number.But this number comes from fixed telephony,not GSM.