I can't log in in my Facebook account [Solved/Closed]


I want to know why I can't log in in my facebook account can you please help me.. Thanks..

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approved by Jean-François Pillou on Dec 14, 2018
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Follow this link for instructions on disabled accounts;



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There are many reasons for not being able to log in your account successfully,It can be wrong password entered,someone hacked your account or account has been blocked by facebook itself.While trying to sign in what happens on screen?any error /warning message?Please mention if any,

Says temporarilly down
Unavailable due to a site issue
when I try to log in it says sms account secediuty code will be sent to ur moblie phone....qell I changed my numbwr and dont havs ghe old one any mpre...what should I do...pr need to do please help
it shows incorrect email on pink/red rectangular border
no there is no message
there is only showing the simble of friend request notification and message but if i click on it it will not open