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  • PC doesn't start Closed

    Hello, My pc was refusing to start normally, since some time. With poweron button, and PS220V button switch on, pressed simultaneously, it starts no...

    LuisFer22 | Latest reply: LuisFer22 Feb 26, 2020
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  • How is a Saleh and Valenzuela model is used to model a 5G wireless channel? Closed

    I need to know how is a Saleh and Valenzuela model is used to model a 5G wireless channel?

    assia....999 | Latest reply: David Webb Feb 19, 2020
    1 reply
  • My pc turns on but doesn’t boot Closed

    Hello, I' john and I have had my pc for little over a month. I very recently upgraded my stock amd cooler to the ROG ryou 240. Installed my new cpu co...

    Opkrook | Latest reply: leescotti52 Feb 6, 2020
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  • When I turn on my pc fans start working but it doesn't boot. Solved/Closed

    Hello, I was working on my pc yesterday when suddenly it froze and gave me a blue screen, since then everytime I try to boot it up, I get nothing,...

    Kubis | Latest reply: Facebookcoder Feb 3, 2020
    9 replies
  • Beep sounds Closed

    Hi I have Medion MD 8866 It was workinh fine moves house. Started after three months. Five short beeps after starting the computer and then nothin...

    Jackie | Latest reply: David Webb Jan 19, 2020
    1 reply
  • PC turns on but doesn't display anything Closed

    When I turn my PC on all the fans spin and the lights turn on but it doesn't display anything my keyboard and mouse also dont turn on anyone know what...

    Eduardo2300 | Latest reply: FacebookCoder Jan 9, 2020
    2 replies
  • PC won’t work. Turns on but no display and fan keeps running Closed

    Hello, I have a custom built pc and I’ve been using it for only six months and it doesn’t turn on anymore and it just keeps the fan running loudly, ca...

    Gouigi | Latest reply: Lameidiot5 Jan 2, 2020
    2 replies
  • My pc has power but my mouse/keyboard/monitor won't work Closed

    What I use Is a Dell Optiplex 780 Desktop PC- 3.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 4GB-16GB RAM, Hard Drive or Solid State Drive, Win 7 or Win 10. My PC is pr...

    PCWontWork | Latest reply: David Webb Dec 29, 2019
    1 reply
  • the true. Solved/Closed

    tengo una pc de 2.70 ghz y de memoria 6ghz pero el problema es que supuestamente tengo internet 400 Mbps y lo que recibo como minimo son 250 mbps es l...

    Hectormer | Latest reply: David Webb Dec 26, 2019
    1 reply
  • Trying to factory reset my dell vostro 1540 Closed

    Its asking for an administrative password. My dell vostro 1540 needs a reset

    Brannon863 | Latest reply: David Webb Dec 14, 2019
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  • What is the difference between the number of cores and the number of logical pro Solved/Closed

    What is the difference between the number of cores and the number of logical processors? For example, in the screenshots below, I got 6 cores and 1...

    jamalnuman | Latest reply: jamalnuman Dec 14, 2019
    7 replies
  • Not able to get sound using VGA/HDMI from desktop to tv Solved/Closed

    Hi, so I’ve tried for days now to get sound from my desktop to my tv and I just can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve bought everything I thought I neede...

    Ruthless0586 | Latest reply: LamoIdiot5 Dec 13, 2019
    2 replies
  • Fan runs so fast but cpu is not rebooting Solved/Closed

    Hello, I would like to have some help bec our cpu is not rebooting but the fan runs so fast. Was the motherboard problem?

    Ai | Latest reply: David Webb Dec 8, 2019
    1 reply
  • Cpu not starting Closed

    Hello, Acer veriton m661 Not starts When i press the power button but computer did not starts

    Anwaar | Latest reply: David Webb Dec 7, 2019
    1 reply
  • CPU on, Display on but nothing appear on display Closed

    Hi, I am using windows 10. My CPU turns on, Display working fine but nothing appears on display. I tried bootable USB but still the same issue. ...

    sk-naeem | Latest reply: sk-naeem Oct 22, 2019
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  • PC won't start Closed

    Hello, Just upgraded from Inter corte i5 to Intel corte i7 plus a Corsair H45 coolant...not it takes 4-5 tried to start and after that all the light...

    Gusholang | Latest reply: Gusholang Oct 12, 2019
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  • My computer wont turn off. Closed

    So for about two weeks now, my computer hasn’t been able to turn off properly when i try to shut it down through windows. Well, it does turn off, ever...

    laika | Latest reply: robincoooper Oct 2, 2019
    1 reply
  • 3 beeps sound in specific ram Closed

    Hello, I have 4 ram slot and 2 ram stick of 2 GB.All slots are working properly..... Some months after 2 ram slot give no response when rams put on...

    Smk | Latest reply: Smk Sep 30, 2019
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  • No clue Closed

    Hello, Hi Nmy pc starts up. I c the lights i hear the fans but no beeps. my monitor goes on stanby and my keyboard and mouse does not power up....

    Yasin | Latest reply: Yasin Sep 26, 2019
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  • windows 7 setup freezes Closed

    Guys i made a new pc.g31 motherboard,ddr2 2gb ram,2.5 dual core processor,500 gb ssd.but i cannot install windows 7.set up is getting frezzes even saf...

    ri_joey | Latest reply: ri_joey Sep 20, 2019
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  • Not comin up Closed

    Hello, My computer is not coming up

    Yusuf | Latest reply: ac3mark Sep 17, 2019
    1 reply
  • Cpu power strange Closed

    Hello, So, my cpu just started to do something strange and I dunno how to diagnose it. I took it out of sleep mode and the monitor was showing flas...

    Zazzguy | Latest reply: Zazzguy Sep 4, 2019
    2 replies
  • Monitor says no video output Solved/Closed

    Hello, I've just changed my computers CPU From a AMD A10 9700 to a Ryzen 5 3600, but when I turn on my PC my monitor says no video output, but the...

    Ernest | Latest reply: ac3mark Aug 23, 2019
    3 replies
  • Not fully booting up Closed

    Hello, the problem that I'm getting now is that after my last windows 10 update my pc doesn't fully boot up. It starts to boot and then within 2 secon...

    Razzal | Latest reply: Ambucias Aug 15, 2019
    3 replies
  • PC won’t Boot up no led on Closed

    Hey since a few days now my pc won’t boot up as it usually did. Every time i turn it on my screen shows no “No Video Input” and my keyboard and mouse...

    ghcstx | Latest reply: ghcstx Aug 14, 2019
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  • No signal issue Closed

    Hello, I haven't used my PC in the past three days and it was working absolutely fine last time. But today when I booted my pc there's no signal on ...

    Anees | Latest reply: Anees Aug 11, 2019
    2 replies
  • No display Closed

    While i am rendering on my pc its turn off suddenly and trying to reboot and turn off. After that while turning on only processor coller fab spinning ...

    Bleszen | Latest reply: ac3mark Aug 6, 2019
    2 replies
  • PC is on but no power to Keyboard + mouse and no display when plug in the GPU... Closed

    hello!, Today i was watching anime online when my Pc's display froze and nothing was working but the audio was coming i tried everything but the mo...

    Tahir.xx | Latest reply: ac3mark Aug 6, 2019
    1 reply
  • Is my CPU Faulty? Ryzen 5 3600. Closed

    Hi, I Purchased my Ryzen 5 3600 2 weeks ago, I've been trying to use it with 2 different MOBOs and doesn't work properly. The first one was my old AB...

    HelloNatebour | Latest reply: ac3mark Aug 5, 2019
    1 reply
  • Power light ( red light) Closed

    Hello my problem is that when I turn on my cpu the red light comes on not blinking then comes off.When I connect the monitor to it shows no signal bu...

    Akon1234 | Latest reply: ac3mark Aug 2, 2019
    1 reply
  • window explorer has not working . How to solve Closed

    how to solve a CPU window explorer has stop working .a sa dikhai de ta hai

    rajeshku720@... | Latest reply: Ambucias Jul 23, 2019
    1 reply
  • My PC does not boot Closed

    Hello, I have purchased brand new PC parts as follows to assemble my gaming PC : 1. Intel Core i7 9700K Desktop 9th Generation Processor 8 Cores up...

    DCK_5621 | Latest reply: DCK_5621 Jul 5, 2019
    8 replies
  • Newly built PC doesn't start Closed

    Hello everyone, I built my new PC and after finishing it, it does not seem to work. Here are the specs Motherboard : Asus ROG Strix H370-I Gaming...

    Nexys8 | Latest reply: ac3mark Jul 2, 2019
    1 reply
  • Password Closed

    I never to change my password and on google it says to press F8 and go from there. Well nothing happens when I press F8. Now what do I do

    Kthlngray | Latest reply: ac3mark Jun 28, 2019
    1 reply
  • PC STOPS BOOT Solved/Closed

    After not using my refurbished Dell PC for a few days it will boot only long enough to present minimal manufacturer information on the monitor. The PC...

    K0LLO | Latest reply: K0LLO Jun 24, 2019
    2 replies
  • Monitor turns off, Computer still runs Closed

    Hello, So this has been happening on and off, and has reccently been doing it more and more often. when I'm trying to play games, or something. The od...

    JonLuebke | Latest reply: JonLuebke Jun 23, 2019
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  • Pc not booting into os Closed

    Hello, I have an older pc that has xp, some weeks ago i installed a previosly ignored update and restarted the pc since then it booted detecte...

    PcMastr | Latest reply: Ambucias Jun 14, 2019
    5 replies
  • monitor light blinking,no display Closed

    Hello everyone... Whenever I switch on my computer, monitor light is just blinking & no display.. I thought it might be because of RAM.. But when I...

    md | Latest reply: ac3mark Jun 13, 2019
    5 replies
  • No signal from anything Closed

    Hello, my computer was working just fine, them I decided to use a vertical mount from cablemods to showcase my graphics card a bit. I got it installed...

    Snizipa | Latest reply: Snizipa Jun 3, 2019
    9 replies
  • CPU starts but monitor display no signal Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a problem on my computer. few days before the computer runs normally and now this day when I turn it on the monitor displays "no sign...

    jhayr | Latest reply: ac3mark May 22, 2019
    17 replies
  • sound drivers for Intel(R) celeron(R) D CPU Solved/Closed

    Hello, i have lost the sound drivers for Intel(R) celeron(R) D CPU please provide me soon

    leela | Latest reply: Lims May 11, 2019
    3 replies
  • Computer not turing on Closed

    My computer was almost fine yesterday. But today when i am trying to turn it on,the cpu is on but there is no display on the monitor and mouse is off ...

    KunalBagam | Latest reply: ac3mark May 7, 2019
    3 replies
  • My shuts off when playing games Closed

    I have a problem with my new PC that I build 4 months ago. When I play games like CS GO and Rainbow six the computer shouts itself down and the fans s...

    Benko1122 | Latest reply: ac3mark Apr 24, 2019
    3 replies
  • PC problem Closed

    Hello, PC runs finely if only PC switch on but PC will not run when making the monitor keyboard and mouse What is problem....?

    Narmada | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 15, 2019
    1 reply
  • No video output after OS update Closed

    Hello, I recently updated my computer OS. During the update I chose to clean install as it has been several years since the last clean up. After t...

    Nick689094 | Latest reply: Nick689094 Apr 8, 2019
    2 replies
  • Pc is lagging Closed

    Hello, When I was working on my pc then cpu sounds like kikkkk and stop working all functions And after whenever I want to use it every time same t...

    NishantUpadhyay | Latest reply: ac3mark Apr 8, 2019
    1 reply
  • Fans Turn on LED's turn on Computer still does not display Closed

    Yesterday I went to turn on my computer but it ended up not displaying anything everything turned on like it normally would just no display I changed ...

    Caboose2001 | Latest reply: ac3mark Apr 4, 2019
    1 reply
  • monitor not getting on . even no power is coming to mouse as well as keyboard Closed

    Hello, my monitor is not getting on only displaying black screen.even no power is coming to mouse and keyboard. i have checked motherboard thier is ...

    shubham | Latest reply: ac3mark Apr 4, 2019
    3 replies
  • my computer don't get on, no fan is running Closed

    Hello, My CPU /PC does not get on, CPU, SMPS fan do not run cable are perfect

    SachinDeshmukh | Latest reply: ac3mark Apr 1, 2019
    1 reply
  • what part of the pc do you unplug so i can hold the power button and clear out Closed

    what part of the pc do you unlpug

    rajveer | Latest reply: Ambucias Mar 30, 2019
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