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  • Recover a deleted message on Whatsup? Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a iPhone 6s and deleted a message that I shouldn’t have on Whatsup on 21st august at 1pm. It’s on daily auto backups and was last u...

    Ozone300 | WhatsApp | Latest reply: Rowando Sep 01
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  • Changes in whatsapp app

    Hello, Plz embed a facility in which a green light must be aware of the persons list who are online This facility is available in facebook

    Manju | WhatsApp | Latest reply: Manju Aug 30
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  • My Facebook account has hacked

    Hello, ID My name is -​ Kelvin ISHIMWE First Name is - Kelvin Last Name is - ISHIMWE My date of birth is 1/1/1999 My email is​ ***@*** My account phon...

    0726886623 | Messaging | Latest reply: 0726886623 Aug 30
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  • whatsapp issue

    Hello, hey, how do I use the WhatsApp tab on my website?

    khan_165 | WhatsApp | Latest reply: khan_165 Aug 29
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  • My fb account has been looked please give me get code option

    Hello dear Facebook team my facebook account has been looked please help me to unlock my facebook account . I can't able to confirm my identity i prov...

    MdAli | Gmail | Latest reply: MdAli Aug 27
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  • care code 205.2 [lu003]

    Hello, Can't login.  Get same message every time.  Won't even let me use security questions (which I know the answers to).  When I try to call, it wo...

    Char | Yahoo Mail | Latest reply: Char Aug 26
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  • Email hacked need to contact yahoo

    Hello, Can anyone help me contact Yahoo as hackers have control of my email, cannot find a number to contact

    SueT | Yahoo Mail | Latest reply: SueT Aug 26
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  • How to reatore chats from local backup

    Hello I had to factory reset my phone. I had one pretty old backup on Google drive (two weeks old) and whatsapp had troubles uploading new backups...

    Guy | WhatsApp | Latest reply: Guy Aug 26
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  • 6387645692

    Hello, Otp not received with Facebook mobail taxex

  • Yahoo closes and emails go to spam

    Hello, I have two problems and they are causing me headaches! 1. Every time I download an attachment from an email, within 1/2 minute or less yahoo e...

    Skoutariotis | Yahoo Mail | Latest reply: Skoutariotis Aug 25
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  • Unable to synch devices

    I have Whatsapp installed on my iphone and Mac, I am now trying to synch an android tablet however when I set it up on the tablet it disconnects my ph...

    Sues22 | WhatsApp | Latest reply: Sues22 Aug 25
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  • Syncing three devices

    Hello, I have Whatsapp installed on my iphone and mac, now trying to sync with an android tablet. If I set myself up on the tablet it disconnects me ...

    Sues | WhatsApp | Latest reply: Sues Aug 25
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  • Whatsapp isn't allowing me to share URL

    Hello, If there is anyone who can help. Whenever I share this URL (https://****.com/nagaland-lottery-result-today.html) Recipient is unable to open t...

    hassan555 | WhatsApp | Latest reply: hassan555 Aug 24
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  • WhatsApp Web Catalog - 'Add new Item' causes crash

    On WhatsApp Web Browser, when I click on 'add item' on the catalogue, the screen goes blank. Adding items works fine on mobile, but only on desktop ap...

    Masudz | WhatsApp | Latest reply: Masudz Aug 23
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  • Facebook login code is not going to my number

    Hello, Facebook login code is not going to my number Jodi used to give the code to my number

  • WhatsApp prefers mobile data connection

    Hello, The WhatsApp on the smartphone of my wife shows by and then on the left above a WLAN symbol with a question mark and the request to open a ses...

    Sae1962 | WhatsApp | Latest reply: Sae1962 Aug 20
    1 reply
  • Integrate Facebook Messenger on a website

    Hello, I want to integrate Facebook Chatbot on my website. Is there anyone who can assist me with integration  

  • WhatsApp Calls Breaking up/bad quality

    Hello, I have a Xiaomi 10 s in which somehow everybody tells me I sound breaking up when making WhatsApp calls.  It does it with both Wifi and data....

    carloszoom3000 | WhatsApp | Latest reply: carloszoom3000 Aug 19
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  • Integrate WhatsApp to website

    Hello, I want to integrate WhatsApp to my website. Is there anyone who can assist me with integration  

    jason066 | WhatsApp | Latest reply: jason066 Aug 19
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  • Want customers to be able to message to a group

    Hello, We have the standard Whatsapp Chat button on our website so that customers can contact us via Whatsapp. The button leads to my phone number so...

    Hvassallo | WhatsApp | Latest reply: Hvassallo Aug 16
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  • Checkmarks

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to change the color of the checkmarks in whatsapp. I am color blind and can't see the difference in color to...

    windsurfer | WhatsApp | Latest reply: windsurfer Aug 16
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  • Gmail Attachments.

    Hello, I work onsite at a school, and a few teachers, and myself, are experiencing an issue with accessing .html files from Gmail. When clicking the...

    vzschool | Gmail | Latest reply: vzschool Aug 16
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  • Desktop Whatsapp Video Call background change.

    Hello, I just gotten myself logitech C310 webcam and would like to ask if it is possible to change the background during live video call for whatsapp....

    yisleong | WhatsApp | Latest reply: yisleong Aug 16
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  • Whatsapp shows ONLINE but only a single check mark

    Hi, I have a very good friend. When I send a message she shows ONLINE but sometimes my single check mark does not change to a double. What does thi...

    kenshireen | WhatsApp | Latest reply: kenshireen Aug 15
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  • Blocking Spam Email with No Sender Solved

    Hello, How can I block spam emails that have no sender?  I don't get the option in my menu to mark as spam like when I get spam from a sender.  They'...

    bbop | Yahoo Mail | Latest reply: Dfjulien Aug 14
    2 replies
  • My Facebook account is locked

    Hello, Dear Facebook team Recently my facebook account hase been locked And when i want to unlock it,then want my government issue card but i didno...

  • Skype account problems.

    Good morning, For the past few days, I have been experiencing several difficulties on skype despite the fact that I am using the latest version of sky...

    Azaria | Skype | Latest reply: Azaria Aug 13
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  • Last Seen option glitch

    Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to see the "Online" when I am not in the application while WhatsApp is turned off and if Last Seen option is ...

    Lancemi | WhatsApp | Latest reply: Lancemi Aug 13
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  • I want a copy of the account information Solved

    Hello, I want a copy of the account information

    lhdry3697 | Snapchat | Latest reply: HelpiOS Aug 10
    1 reply
  • Whatsapp web "chat to myself" not working Solved

    Hello, After upgrading to the new Whatsapp Web version (where the phone does not need to be online), the "chat to myself" feature is not working c...

    PeterDays | WhatsApp | Latest reply: Joy Aug 09
    29 replies
  • How to get back my important account

    Hello, Hi sir goodevening I'm so badly need your help to get back my account my fb account it's so Verry important I hope you can read this works s...

  • WHATSAPP - Do not want to see someone's profile picture.

    Hello, Can someone please tell me what would I need to do to prevent me from seeing someone's profile picture.  I do not care if the person still ha...

    Greg | WhatsApp | Latest reply: Greg Aug 07
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  • How do I log back into my Messenger account?

    Hi How do I log back into my Messenger account? When I type in my password, it says “Account Restricted”.  I have logged out from messenger but durin...

  • whazzap retrive

    Hello, i lost the simcard ive create my whazzap with and got a new number and want to get my old whazzap back 

    kwagga | WhatsApp | Latest reply: kwagga Aug 06
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  • Down arrow in message text

    When I scroll back through a long message there is a down arrow that lets you click on it and go to the end of the message. This also blocks the text ...

  • Help me to reset Gmail password Closed

    I am sravan mudide,I need your help to recover my gmail account ,Three months back i changed my password but i forgot ,Now i am unable to recover my a...

    sravanmudide | Gmail | Latest reply: Sravan Aug 05
    14 replies
  • Cannot access to my account - lost my number

    Hello, My Sim provider sold my phone number to another person, I changed my phone and didn't change my WhatsApp number to the new one, so I lost acce...

    PROBEM | WhatsApp | Latest reply: PROBEM Aug 04
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  • WhatsApp

    Hello, Is it possible that my WhatsApp is showing  online .yo others  While I'm  being offline ?

    Cateye | WhatsApp | Latest reply: Cateye Aug 04
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  • My gmail account recovery problem too many filed attempt

    Hello, my gmail account recovery problem my gmail account ***@*** has been blocked please unlock my gmail account and recovery my gmail account and se...

    Naveen | Gmail | Latest reply: Naveen Aug 03
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  • whatsUpp PC: can not send photoes

    I am running win 10 64 bit on my dektop computer . I am no longer capable of sending photo : the system does not allow any attachenments. Any help on...

    Ambo | WhatsApp | Latest reply: Ambo Aug 03
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  • Irritating pop-up FB messenger

    How can this pop-up be removed from my chats page

  • Emails swapping content.

    Hello, last week all my emails in one folder have swapped the contents so that responses don’t relate to the sender, and my messages don’t relate to t...

    Doug | Yahoo Mail | Latest reply: Doug Aug 01
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  • WhatsApp does not work correct

    WhatsApp does not work properly, when I only type in 1 letter, it is sent immediately without using the enter key. Does anyone have an idea what coul...

    ATM78 | WhatsApp | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 31
    1 reply
  • Missing mail

    Hello, I recently bought a new phone. I have been using yahoo mail since 1999. When I opened up the yahoo app, my inbox, sent mail ended 2/2021. I lo...

    Castaway | Yahoo Mail | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 31
    1 reply
  • Incoming mail going to Trash - iPad IOS Solved

    Hello, My account was hacked recently, and since changing my password and reinstalling the Yahoo Mail app, all my incoming new emails go straight int...

    GMBurnley | Yahoo Mail | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 31
    7 replies
  • Cannot get messages at Solved

    Hello, Is down? Cannot connect to download email since about 4 hours ago. Their webmail for Yahoo Small Business account cannot...

    YSBuser | Yahoo Mail | Latest reply: YSBuser Jul 30
    3 replies
  • Images broken in emails Solved

    Hello, A couple days ago new emails are showing all of the images are broken. Old emails still have the images displayed correctly. I've rebooted my ...

    deadheadbob87 | Yahoo Mail | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 29
    4 replies
  • Why Do We Need to Pay Extra for Spam Protection? Solved

    It's been years since my AT&T webmail interface was taken over by Yahoo Mail. In all this time, I've been very unhappy with your spam filtering. It us...

    Ananisapta | Yahoo Mail | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 29
    1 reply
  • Issues with both Google drive Backup and Local Backup

    Hey everyone. I'm trying to transfer my whatsapp account/messages from an old phone to my new phone, and i'm having issues. Just to clarify, both pho...

    RiftCygnus | WhatsApp | Latest reply: RiftCygnus Jul 26
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  • Can't login in Yahoo email

    Hello, I use yahoo email since 2004 so i have almost all emails here, but i can't login now, i must setted my phone to factory reset, so all data is ...

    Martin | Yahoo Mail | Latest reply: Martin Jul 25
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