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  • Comparing columns Closed

    I have a list of 77 names in column B and need to compare them to a list of 156 names in Column C- My objective is to determine if any names in column...

    cl1425 | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Dec 6, 2013
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  • Excel Macro: combine selected rows Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have source data in Excel looking like this: CustomerID SalesMonth SalesAmount 12345 Jan 15...

    Steve | Excel | Latest reply: iietntech Dec 5, 2013
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  • Print if Statement ??? Closed

    I would like to build a inventory spreadsheet that prints a requisition. ie: Qty reuired : Stock # : Description : etc So the list is 4-5000 i...

    Tom W | Excel | Latest reply: Tom W Dec 5, 2013
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  • Excel If statement for dates Closed

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a way that I could set an if statement that would change the color of box to red if it's 2 months ahead of tod...

    dhamilton | Excel | Latest reply: ac3mark Dec 5, 2013
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  • How to use recorded macro in different cells Closed

    Hello, Kindly help me to resolve this issue, I want to insert data in 4 different cells each i run my macro sample data: Sub Insert() '...

    saiselvak88 | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Dec 5, 2013
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  • excel fiasco Closed

    I'm trying to auto create salary slips. I have a list with the information ect of the employees and have created the first payslip in the next sheet. ...

    2mymabaso | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Dec 5, 2013
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  • Conditional Fomatting with range values Closed

    Here is my scenario: Column A has ranking from 1 to 5. Column B has zone/ classification from 1 to 7. Column C has ratings. These ratings are bas...

    vikassova | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Dec 5, 2013
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  • Combine rows using condition Closed

    Hi, I Have spreadsheet like this: Col A Col B 02003SM TB4 02003SM TB5 02006SM TB1 07017SM C461 07025SM C462 07128SM C479 07139SM ...

    pankaj.pandey | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Dec 5, 2013
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  • Conditional formatting multiple rows in Excel Closed

    Hello Community, I need to create conditional formatting in Excel separately for a number of rows (e.g. high lighting highest and lowest values in ea...

    abateni | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Dec 5, 2013
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  • varible column (a,b,c etc) within a formula Closed

    I have a sheet 1 with raw data inserted. Each Sheet 2,3,4 within the same workbook has another spreadsheet that needs to read the raw data from sheet...

    rhead78 | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Dec 5, 2013
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  • Help with a formula please! Closed

    Hi. New to this but it seems like a good forum. I NEED HELP PLEASE! I will try to explain my dilemma. In Excel if there is a specific day/date in a ce...

    einfald | Excel | Latest reply: einfald Dec 5, 2013
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  • how to learn macros Closed

    Dear All Please suggest how to learn macros

    lakkakulak | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Dec 5, 2013
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  • looking for a compatible amort.program for mac osx Closed

    Are there any amortization programs available for mac osx. Like Loan Tracker?

    gracie8878 | Office Software | Latest reply: gracie8878 Dec 4, 2013
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  • Java Runtime Environment Closed

    Good Morning All: I am trying to install Java Runtime Environment as it is a requirement for me to use the Access portion of Open Office. I Have t...

    jbover | Word | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 3, 2013
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  • Conditional Formatting with Multiple Drop Downs Closed

    I have a spreadsheet that has multiple drop downs. I'm trying to get Excel to highlight errors made in one column if a particular option is chosen ba...

    iwnixon | Excel | Latest reply: iwnixon Dec 3, 2013
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  • Macro to create Worksheets from a main file Closed

    Hey guys, Nice work going on here,have been a regular follower. I seem to have come across a problem with my MACRO for excel. I have a Excel ...

    Jon23 | Excel | Latest reply: Jon23 Dec 3, 2013
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  • Copy worksheet misc data in sheet 1 to new row in Master Sheet 2 Closed

    Hi, I'm a complete newbie to Excel macros.. Sheet 1: Sheet 1 is my work sheet where i manipulate data. Upon completion of fine tuning the data, ...

    GJosephM | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Dec 2, 2013
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  • Vlookup across multiple values to return only one Closed

    Bit of a long one to explain, but im sure there is a quick answer. I have a barcode scanner which is used to input data. This data goes into column...

    SpaceMonkees | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Dec 2, 2013
    5 replies

    I use Outlook on a Windows 7 / 64 bit computer. I am using Yahoo Small business as the Email service. I am not aware of any changes made to the syst...

    RUSSELLDH | Outlook | Latest reply: kieferschild Dec 1, 2013
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  • Need help with sorting and copying from multiple worksheets Closed

    I need to copy a report from several sheets, Workbook 1 First i Have a report Sheet with a fixed header in the first several rows A Sequence of O...

    dawoud522 | Excel | Latest reply: GeorgeBriggs Dec 1, 2013
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  • If...allow text Closed

    A1 has a drop down list with HM01 and Off Spec, B2 = text depending what is selected from the list in A1. So B2 =if(A1"HMO1",'DISHCODES'!B3).....whe...

    rbmastertitan | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Dec 1, 2013
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  • compare 2 lists of names Closed

    Hello, I have 2 lists of names with last name and first name. However, one on list there is a comma and a middle initial on the other there is jus...

    wiesh | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Nov 28, 2013
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  • Auto Populate Sheet 2 basis data on Sheet 1 Closed

    Hi I have raw data on sheet 1 one of the column is "group name". Data is related to 150 groups, however I need data for only 24 groups. Is it possi...

    abraham_simons | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Nov 28, 2013
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  • sum ifs function in excel Solved/Closed

    Is it possible to have a criteria range for a range of dates and have it add for a date less that the specified criteria? 11/1/...

    rtcorpuz | Excel | Latest reply: rtcorpuz Nov 28, 2013
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  • Invoice No Solved/Closed

    Hello, After Long period i came here to ask some thing to my friends that is i want to raise the invoice as per the cell value i have given some e...

    sgmpatnaik | Excel | Latest reply: sgmpatnaik Nov 27, 2013
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  • How to change text in a cell based on another cell Closed

    I am working on an asset tracking sheet and I want to use conditional formatting to change the text in one cell based on the text in another. Refe...

    Negative459 | Excel | Latest reply: sgmpatnaik Nov 27, 2013
    1 reply
  • Worksheet problem in excel 2003 Closed

    I have a worksheet that I have a yes,no drop down menu. I then have 4 cells below that, that currently have conditional formatting to them that change...

    Hairs01373 | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Nov 26, 2013
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  • Delete Worksheet from List Macro Closed

    Hi All, I am trying to delete some worksheets within a workbook from a list containing the names of worksheets to be deleted, listed in column B2:B...

    marklee800 | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Nov 26, 2013
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  • Bank Reconciliation Solved/Closed

    Hi Am trying to automate bank reconciliation Any ideas as what the code is. In the work book i have 12 worksheets for receipts and 12 worksheets ...

    MRafik | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Nov 26, 2013
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  • tally problem Closed

    dear all i want to create a bill in tally erp9 and when i enter the date suppose 24/11/13 then cursor can't go on next text and if i enter 2/11/13...

    baviskar007 | Excel | Latest reply: sgmpatnaik Nov 26, 2013
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  • how to merge data of excel sheet with c programming Closed

    Hi Sir, what i want , i have the data in three diffrent sheet & the chart i have to show in one single sheet in excel with the help of c programming....

    anitapatil | Excel | Latest reply: anitapatil Nov 26, 2013
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  • microsoft word problem Closed

    Hi, My Microsoft word is disabled and the documents are locked. Is there a way to transfer those documents to another word processor like abiword os...

    tbomanus | Word | Latest reply: aquarelle Nov 25, 2013
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  • How to copy cell to workbooks selected. Closed

    Hello friends, please help me with this problem: I want to copy cell(A1) in book1 to cell(A1) in book2 or book3 or book4, etc. Here book1 is for d...

    aburashed | Excel | Latest reply: aburashed Nov 24, 2013
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  • Column Combinations Closed

    I have a table that has numerous columns. I need to calculate the total number of units used when the combinations of Cells A and B Appear. For exampl...

    BecSimmo | Excel | Latest reply: BecSimmo Nov 24, 2013
    4 replies
  • adding a day to the date Closed

    I need a formula to add a day to the date. For example, today is Nov 22, 13; I want to add one day to have Nov 23, 13 in another cell. I saw a number ...

    gogo323 | Excel | Latest reply: Zohaib R Nov 24, 2013
    3 replies
  • VBA Macro to calculate values in cell(s) from multiple sheets Closed

    Greetings to the greatest trouble shooting team we have around, I am stuck in a situation where I have multiple sheets in a workbook, say this work...

    ajaydwivediji | Excel | Latest reply: Zohaib R Nov 23, 2013
    1 reply
  • Microsoft Publisher update Closed

    Hi there Recently bought computer with windows 8. Have been using the Microsoft publisher and saved/back up my work. After a month when I now ope...

  • Macro for linking two workbooks, comparing one document ID with Solved/Closed

    Hello, I need help in creating a macro for linking two workbooks, comparing document ID's in one workbook with the status of that Document ID's in ...

    Hyundai123 | Excel | Latest reply: Hyundai123 Nov 22, 2013
    2 replies
  • skip a value Closed

    suppose a1 a2 a3 = john,michel, robert, respectively and b1,b2,b3=10,9,10 then from values of b cell i wanted to print name in g cell who have corres...

    prabinkaal | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Nov 21, 2013
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  • comparing multiple columns for list of items Closed

    Dear experts I have list of names with multiple words in column A List of names with multiple words in column B List of names with multiple w...

    protocoder | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Nov 21, 2013
    3 replies
  • Copying data on Macro Enabled Excel Sheet from Source File Closed

    I am doing account reconciliation on a Macro enabled excel sheet for various funds. which performs some task through Macro on sheet, Now i want to ...

    amar2004 | Excel | Latest reply: amar2004 Nov 20, 2013
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  • How to delete a line from Excel cell Solved/Closed

    Dear all How to delete a line from every cell in a column??

    mahfuz19 | Excel | Latest reply: mahfuz19 Nov 20, 2013
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  • Running a Macro permanently Closed

    Hello, I have copied and edited a Macro to a workbook to save a certain cell as the file name. The problem is that you have to click on Macros fin...

    Kingantz | Excel | Latest reply: ac3mark Nov 19, 2013
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  • 2010 IF function help Solved/Closed

    I'm looking to combine a IF function for one cell with a date function in another. The aim is to have something like this: =IF(A1=2099,"James Jones...

    Kingantz | Excel | Latest reply: ac3mark Nov 18, 2013
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  • conditional statement Closed

    i want to create a conditional statement to formulate below if A1=>0 then equal the value, then if it is blank then get the value or number from A2...

    carlosbathan | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Nov 18, 2013
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  • Need a cell value to change automatically based on a future date Closed

    Hello, I need to submit weekly reports on the number of students in classes (currently enrolled, graduated, etc.) The problem I have is that sometime...

    76DataSheet | Excel | Latest reply: TrowaD Nov 18, 2013
    5 replies
  • Iam trying a lot to make the formula succes, but its not helping Solved/Closed

    Hello Ther!! Iam trying a lot to make the formula succes, but its not helping all people ther Kindly help me on the below formula it gives resu...

    luqmansyed | Excel | Latest reply: Kevin@Radstock Nov 17, 2013
    3 replies
  • will i lose my apps if i reset my ipod touch? Solved/Closed

    Hello, My sound does not work at all on my touch, ppl told me to reset my ipod, but im scared to lose all my apps. is there another way to get t...

    tclarke9909 | PowerPoint | Latest reply: idk Nov 16, 2013
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  • Formula to move appropriate data to new sheet Closed

    Hey everyone, I wanted to attach my spreadsheet but no such luck. Essentially, I have a spreadsheet with people's certifications. I have one col...

    shandiana | Excel | Latest reply: Kevin@Radstock Nov 16, 2013
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  • How can i transfer data in a row in a work book to another book Closed

    Hi, I will be downloading data each day which consists 150 rows. Each row contains a data set pertaining to an individual item. Each of these ite...

    bull2013 | Excel | Latest reply: bull2013 Nov 15, 2013
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