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No speaking while playing counter strike


Hello,my name is PANOS and i would like to now how can i speak with my teamates while playing counter there any program that i have to downl...

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razor cs lover

Ps3 no signal help!

Hello, I'm trying to fix the problem I have on my ps3 but I have tried every method there is and nothing is working I still can't see the screen I a...

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My ps3 games wont load

Hello,my ps3 games wont load..everytime I insert the disc it wont load and I cant play the game but I can watch a movie though....when my disc is insi...

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Video card missing after formatting my pc!

Hello, I recently formatted my laptop due to virus infections but after that,i system is asking me for a video card .I want to play game on the sy...

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My gta 4 running very slow

Hi i have DUAL CORE PROCESSOR 3.2GHz, 2gb ram, window xp and 7 and nvidea geforce 5600 graphic card... even then it is running horibely slow.. pl...

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Sims 3 is not responding

Hello. I have a problem with my sims 3 ! I want to play , i select my town , it loads and at half, my mouse icon appears in place of the sims, press t...

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Gta 4 requirements


Hello, Someone please give me the requirements to run this MasterPiece please :D:D:D:D:D

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Sims 3 has stopped working, launcher problems


I bought the sims 3 about a year ago. I played it for some time, but had to quit due to school. I've had some free time and, upon starting it, noticed...

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The sims 3

Hello, i just installed the sims 3 on my laptop. installation process went well. but when i want to launch the game, it asked for activation code....

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Call of duty 4 modern warfare

hey some prob here..we are playing COD4 with my frnds..wer using laptop for network use cuz we dnt have router...every1 can play but y i can...

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Zohaib R

Sd card won't work

Hello, I have put my SD card in my reader but nothing happens, when you go into the device manager it says that it can't start error code 100 HE...

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My cd has broken

my gta san andreas cd has broken. I saved gta's content. How can I play with no cd? Can you help to me? please.

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Call of duty 1 training problems


Hello, I installed call of duty 1 on my pc but in the training mission for the grenades, when I throw in the grenades in the windows they do not seem...

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Sims 3 world adventures mobile traits

Hello, Can someone please tell me what the traits are of Dong-Hai? I've currently found: Mean-Spirited, conversationalist and vain But what is ...

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Sims 2 stops loading at 29%

Hello I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this. I have a Dell Inspiron laptop that I have downloaded The Sims 2 on before. But af...

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Zohaib R

Call of duty not working


Hello, i just installed call of duty :black ops in my pc..........when I open it says "it appears call of duty:black ops did not quit prope...

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Problem in running nfs carbon


Hello, I have insatalled the nfs carbon on my pc ... system config is matching the requirements of nfs carbon.. when I run it wit...

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My sims 3 launcher will not work

Hello, My sims 3 launcher was working flawlessly until yesterday when it was unresponsive. It wont work even though I deleted missingdeps.idx and I ...

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Where to download pc games


any can help me where i can download pc games and how to download thanks

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Help on downloading


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Gta iv running really slow on windows 7

My specs are: Windows 7 Home Premium AMD Phenom(tm) II N620 Dual-Core Processor 2.80 GHz 3.74 usable GB 64-bit Operating System ATI display adapt...

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Internet connection failed on wireless ps3


Hello, I connect my PS3 wirelessly via router and when I go to connect it finds my IP address but my internet connection fails could anyone help me...

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How can i download adobe flash player for ps3



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Gta moving slowww....

i have windows 8,a 4GB RAM and AMD E2-1800 APU with Radeon(tm) HD gaphincs 1.70GHz processor....but still GTA moves soooo.... slow its disturbing. How...

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Zohaib R

Missing fonts in counter strike


Hello, I have a problem with counter strike, when I run CS all the fonts wont appear , (ex; for New game ,i just get N m e) (for find serv...

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While starting the game....

hello frnds...., my installation call of duty 4 has been completed..... but while starting the game it shows the error "DirectX encountered an unrec...

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Can't get my ps3 to work with hdmi cable??


Hello, I just bought an hdmi cable to connect my ps3 to my sceptre hd 1080 t.v. and it doesn't seem to work. I have unhooked all the avi cables and ...

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Cannot make a wireless connection

Hello, I've tried all the suggestions in the forum for connecting my new (used) PS3 wirelessly to the internet. Nothing has worked! The last thing...

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System requirements for the speed most wanted 2012

Hello, its dinesh and again i want to know that i can play need for speed hot pursuit so i want to know that is my system is configured for playi...

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Gta iv never die cheat


Hello,is there any cheats for never die grand theft iv if u av got any new cheats could u send them to me please jamie xxx

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Solid red

Hello, My 360 turns on normally and after a few seconds the light turns solid red and the screen goes blank. Does anyone know what's wrong here? I...

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Farmville gifts and market won't load

Hello, My farmville gifts and market won't load. I have tried installing latest flash player... did not work. I have never had any problems before....

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Problem with my ps3

Hello, i need help to figure out whats wrong with my PS3, switches on but TV screen saying connect controller with UBS cable and push PS button when ...

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11TS =)

Problems connecting ps3 to tv

Hello, I have a problem to connect my PS# to the TV- It worked before but the PS3 has been connected to a different TV and when I try to connect i...

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11TS =)

Metal gear solid pc


Hello, I have metal gear solid 1 for pc but I can't play it. after it installs I run it and a message appears that says that I can't play in hardawe m...

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Na nic neragu je tak co mam deslat?

Hello, ev zprávy chybí E-mail chybí Zadejte prosím název popisuje vás problém (jiné nez "SOS", "naléhavé" nebo "pomoc"). P?íklad, by bylo snazsí, sp...

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I cant play online with 2 xbox 360 why?


Hello, i bough a xbox 360 about 2 years ago then my cousin bough 1 too we were about to play with our friends and we cant well I can but on ...

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Ps3 connection times out almost immediately when in game online.

Hey helpful people, I can't figure it out...I use comcast high speed internet, run internet via wireless(wireless gateway modem made by arris)...conne...

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Wifi issue

Hello, I Do Not have a router js. My town has free wifi. The signal avg is about 85% so I have pretty good signal. The problem is when I try to c...

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Xbox or ps3

Hello, Everyone is saying XBOX is better. and it's making some no life people mad I know x box is better duh? it has no much games that are fun...

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Far cry 4 ?


Hello, Does anyone know if there is a 4 in the works? "Far cry 3" has everything I like, good story, variuos vehicles and my favorite, its vast map...

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Suggest games low level graphics card


Hello, I have a Microsoft XP vers.2002 pc. I have an AMD ATHLON 64 processor 3000+ with 1GB RAM and 1.80GHz speed. I have a 250 GB hard dis...

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Metal gear solid

Hello, I had downloaded metal gear solid 1 torrent. After installing it, it went blank for a second. When I tried opening it again,a box appeared stat...

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I want all codes

Hello, i want all codes in gta vice city Configuration: / Indeterminable Indeterminable

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Anonymous User

Gta 4 running slow

Hey guys, I've been having this problem for a while now. Why does my GTA 4 run so slow? I've the specs that meets the requirements. It's shown below. ...

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Need for speed most wanted 2012 requirments

Hello, hi friends i want to know that is this PC specification is ok for run this game dual core porcessor 2.8 ATI radion 2GB DDR3 type RAM G...

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Sims 3 and windows 8

Hello, Configuration: Windows 8 / Internet Explorer 10.0 I recently downloaded the sims 3 onto my laptop. I Have a windows 8 laptop and wh...

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Gta4 don't work

Hello, my system has 4 GB RAM, AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ proccessor, and NVidia GeForce 8600 GT. I bought GTA 4, but when I play it is really laggy, and ...

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Hello,my computer keeps shutting off when i play a game

Hello, im having trouble figuring out why my computer shuts off when i play a game. I took it apart and checked it and even replaced the gel that goes...

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Sims 3 ambition for iphone 4???


Hello, What cheat do I use to get money? The one with the gardening and the shaking your phone douse not work!? Plz help Configuration: iPhone ...

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