How to remove profile picture in Outlook?

How to remove profile picture in Outlook?

Outlook allows you to personalise your account with a profile picture. It can be a good idea to change it up every now and then. Here's how to remove your profile picture in Outlook altogether and how to change it.

Who can see my Outlook profile picture?

It depends on the recipient's email provider.

  • If you have sent an email using the Outlook to someone who uses Gmail or Yahoo Mail, the recipient might not be able to see your profile picture.
  • If recipients also have a MS account, they might be able to see your profile picture. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to hide your profile picture from other users. Although, you can always remove it. Here's how.

How to remove Outlook profile picture?

  • Sign in to your Outlook account.

  • Click Change picture under your photo. If you want to 

  • Select Remove.

remove outlook profile picture
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  • After a pop-up window appears, click Remove again.

  • Restart Outlook.
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