Changing the date of birth on Facebook

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The internet is a worldwide system of inter-connected computer networks consisting of public, private and government networks to serve users. Facebook is one of the major social networking websites used by millions of people who keep in touch with friends, upload photos and share videos and links. You can even share your personal information like your birthday, hometown, likes, status updates, etc. You can edit your profile to make any necessary changes. For example, to edit your birthday, go to edit profile, then the Birthday section: once there, edit and save the changes. The number of times you can edit your birthday is limited. You have to wait a few days before you can re-edit this data again.

Changing the date of birth is something that is not possible directly from the "General information" tab of your Facebook account.

You can also do so by clicking here.
Enter the email address associated with your account, then enter your date of birth.

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