Group Chats with Google Hangouts

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Google Hangouts enables you to send messages to up to 150 users and make video calls with up to 10 people at the same time through special group chat sessions, commonly referred to as Group Hangouts.

This guide will teach you how to host and manage your Group Hangouts.

How To Host a Group Hangout

Hosting Group Hangouts is really easy. It can be done from the Google Chrome web browser, an iOS device, or Android smartphone.

Group Hangout with Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome and click on the Google Apps menu > Google Hangouts. Go to the Conversations tab and start a new chat.

Click on the Menu button displayed at the top-right corner of the chat window and select New Group Conversation.

Type the names of the participants in the Search for people field and click on Add people:

Click on the Menu button displayed at the top right corner of the group hangout window and select Options. Here, you'll find a host of useful settings to customize your hangout session (change group name, archive conversation, or leave group):

Group Hangout with Google Hangouts

Open the Google Hangouts app, tap on + to start a new conversation and then select New Group:

Type the name of the participants or select them from your address book.
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