How To Use Snapchat Video Filters

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In its latest update, Snapchat introduced new video filters that allow users to play videos in slow motion, fast-forward, as well as rewind. This article will teach you how to take advantage of each of these new features.

Play Snaps in Slow Motion, Fast Forward or Rewind

N.B. The new video filters are currently only available to the iOS version of Snapchat. In order to use these filters, your Snapchat must be running the app's latest version.

Open Snapchat and hold down on the grey circular button to record a video snap. Once your video is recorded, slide your finger from the right corner of your screen to display a set of video filters associated with playback speed and direction.

The filter associated with the snail icon allows you to slow down the video speed, while the one with the hare denotes an accelerated playback option. Swipe your finger again to switch to the rewind filter, which plays your snap in reverse. All of your other video filters are also available from this menu.

Once you have selected and applied the desired filter to the video, you can either send it to your friends or save it to your phone’s gallery. You can save your video by clicking the downward pointing arrow icon.
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