How To Unsubscribe from is an online yearbook and social network that helps former classmates reconnect. Among its services are a large online directory, planning tools for class reunions, as well as the largest collection of digital high school yearbooks. In recent years, has come under scrutiny for its complicated unsubscribe process. If you are among the frustrated former-users who would like to unsubscribe from the online yearbook, here are tips on how to deactivate your account.

Free Members

You can cancel your free membership at any time by removing your registration. To do so, access the Classmates website. Then, review your account information, and choose the appropriate reason for removal.

Click Remove Registration > Yes to confirm your decision.

To discontinue your paid membership after the current term, you can opt out of the automatic renewal program any time prior to your renewal date.

At the top-right corner of any Classmates webpage, click the </bold>Gear icon</bold> >
Account > Account & Billing, and then enter your password to access your billing information.

Under Account Information, click Turn off automatic renewal > Yes.

By changing your renewal option to Manual, your account will not be charged again. On your membership expiration date, your membership will simply revert to a free status.

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Do not renew, I never knew this was so difficult to make u understand I no longer can see. Just opt my mother out!

I did NOT sign up - there must be some sort of automatic (and surreptitious) commitment generated by just looking. thanks for help getting out of this.

Thanks for the information. By following the instructions I was able to cancel the automatic renewal and deleted my credit card from the site. If this website had some real value it would be ok to pay for it but, for me, it simply wasn't worth it. Thanks again!

Appreciate the directions.
Any way to cancel (get refund) membership just automatically renewed. I have just cancelled automatic renewal.

I got charged on my credit card & didn't authorize!
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