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How To Check Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

If you have a Facebook profile you’ve probably already wondered like millions of other users, who exactly is looking at your profile? As a result, there have been thousands of articles written about this and each promises to deliver this valuable information. But is it actually possibly to know who has searched your photos and posts on facebook? In this article we explain the truth about the matter.

How to find out who is viewing my profile?

The short and somewhat disappointing answer, is that Facebook-unlike other social networks (Linkedin, IG stories etc)-does not give you access to this information. Despite the fact that Facebook accumulates a lot of info about you (your hobbies, likes and dislikes, contact info, friends and more), they will not provide this data for a simple reason: people would stop using the platform if they knew who had been snooping around their profile ‘investigating’ them. Wouldn’t you?

Can other applications tell me who has viewed my profile?

Sorry to disappoint, but again the answer here is no. Facebook has covered all its bases and taken special care to make sure that third party apps do not share this valuable information. If you do have access to this data via an external app, it almost certainly hides malware. Most of these malicious programs collect your data to send you personalised advertisements, but there are others, that can steal highly sensitive information, such as your bank details.

What Quiente hides and how to eliminate it

Quiente (also known as QSocial.net) is one of these dangerous apps that offered this kind of data to users. This online service (that has already disappeared), offered to provide information on who had visited your profile, deleted you from their friends list and viewed your photos. Facebook warned its users of the dangers that come with this kind of malware and advised everyone who had installed Quiente, to quickly delete it.

How to remove Quiente?

For the reasons mentioned above, we recommend that you immediately delete Quiente or any similar app of its kind. To do so, log on to your Facebook profile, click on the small inverted arrow and click on Settings. Select the Applications category and hover over the Quiente app (or equivalent) and click X.

It is worth remembering, that Facebook has a specific section for reporting such scams.

The information you CAN see on Facebook

Amongst the information the social platform does allow you to see, your interaction with friends and your own activity stand out.

How to view your history with a friend

To discover and view your shared history with a friend on Facebook, enter their profile and click on the three-dot menu located beside the 'Send Message’ button. You should then select See Friendship. From here you can see photos in which you are tagged, messages shared on each others walls and other interactions.

How to view your activity history

To see all of your activity history click on Activity Log, located on your cover photo. Here you will see a comprehensive list of your past activity on the platform including posts you liked, videos you shared, your posts, events you will attend and the rest of your interactions.

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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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