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Bluetooth Not Working on Dell Inspiron 1525

Dell’s Inspiron 1525 laptop comes equipped with Bluetooth functionality. This allows your laptop to connect wirelessly to a variety of devices, such as speakers, keyboards, a mouse, etc. If the Bluetooth on your Dell Inspiron 1525 is not working, you will be unable to connect to these devices. To get it working, you will likely need to download and reinstall the driver. Keep reading for several ways to fix your laptop’s Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth Icon Is Not in My Taskbar

If the Bluetooth icon is not in your taskbar in Windows 10, go to Settings and then find Bluetooth & other devices. Check at the top of the window that Bluetooth is turned on, then scroll to the bottom and click More Bluetooth options. Under the Options tab, select Show Bluetooth icon in the notification area. Click Apply, and the Bluetooth icon should appear in the taskbar. Clicking this icon allows you to manage your laptop’s Bluetooth settings.

Check If Other Device Connect

Before reinstalling the driver, first check if you are able to connect with other Bluetooth devices. If you are able to connect via Bluetooth to another device, the issue could be with your device and not the laptop. If you are unable to connect to another device, turn the Bluetooth receiver on your laptop on and off. Then, try to reconnect. If this still does not fix the Bluetooth on your Dell laptop, you will need to download and reinstall the Bluetooth driver for your PC.

Download and Reinstall the Bluetooth Driver

To get started, visit the Dell website. Go to Support, and select Drivers & Downloads. In the page that opens, search the model Inspiron 1525. Next, search and download Wireless 355 Bluetooth Module (Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR).

To reinstall the Bluetooth driver, go to your Downloads folder, or find where the download saved, and open the R140135.exe file. Open the C:\dell\drivers\R140135\3100_216 folder, and click Setup.exe. Select Cancel when prompted to activate the Bluetooth antenna, then open the C:\dell\drivers\R140135\3100_216\Win32 folder. Run the Inst.exe file, and select Next to start the installation. Then, open the C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software folder, and run BTTray.exe. Once you see the Bluetooth icon appear in the the taskbar, right-click it to activate it.

N.B. During the installation, when prompted to activate Bluetooth, do not cancel.

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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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