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How To Deactivate Notifications on Google Chrome

Tired of constantly blocking alerts on Chrome from websites with notifications? Fortunately you can deactivate notifications in the browser's settings. To get started check out this article.

To encourage visitors to return regularly, many sites include notifications displayed directly in Google Chrome. Everytime you visit a site that offers this notifications, a pop-up window appears in Chrome offering you the option to opt in. Rather than refusing each time, you can simply disable these systematic requests entirely:

Deactivate Access Requests

Open Chrome and click the main menu (the three vertical dots on the right side of the window) and select Settings:

In the left menu, click Advanced Settings and select the Privacy and Security section:

In the window on the right, click on the Site Settings:

In the Site Settings box that appears, go to Notifications:

In the Notifications section, click the blue switch next to the Ask permission before sending (recommended) option:

You can reach this section directly by typing:
chrome: // settings / content / notifications
in the Chrome address bar. Chrome will now stop displaying the request notifications.

Delete Previously Allowed Notifications

The previous step prevents notification alerts, however it is not retroactive. You will need to manually delete the sites for which you have accepted notifications by mistake. To do this, go back to the Notifications section:

In the Allow section, identify the site whose notifications you want to block. Click on the three vertical dots to the right of the name. Then choose Remove.

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