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The Best Web Browsers For Windows 7 and Windows XP

Microsoft released the latest Windows 7 update in January 2020 and announced that there would be no further renewals. With Windows XP, Microsoft's support ended in 2019 and although it subsequently received some timely updates, the service confirmed earlier this year that this operating system is now out of official use and there are fewer and fewer compatible services left. In this article, we will explain to you which web browsers continue to work for these operating systems.

The most recommendable thing is that you move to a more modern operating system, nevertheless, you can check if your computer is compatible with the following version of Windows 10 here.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome web browser guarantees the continuity of its support for Windows 7 at least until July 2021 and does not rule out the option of continuing it for a little longer. Chrome did the same when the end of Windows XP was announced, it extended its services and works temporarily and punctually on some computers until today, although this service has its days counted.

Edge Chromium

Edge Chromium is the browser created by the Microsoft, the same company responsible for the Windows service, so it never hesitated to announce that it will keep the updates for Windows 7 and Windows XP for an unspecified time so that users can make the transfer of operating system or the acquisition of a new computer with room for maneuver.


Vivaldi is a freeware browser that tries to make a room in the internet market, which is not easy in front of the big giants that already exist. Nevertheless, it has tried to reach Google's standards and guarantees to continue offering updates for Windows 7 until July of 2021, without mentioning XP. Vivaldi was founded by the former CEO of the Opera browser.

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