Script to automatically display webpage in fullscreen

The Full Screen option is available on most web browsers by clicking on the relevant link. However, IE and Firefox can support a software code in windows API that is heavy in flux and enables the automatic full screen display of a webpage. JavaScript can work in IE, and combines the small order even if the window is closed in the Firefox web browser. JavaScript works for versions 2.0 or older. If you are looking for a generic JavaScript to generate a full screen in your web browser, you will be able to find one online for Microsoft IE and Mozilla Firefox. The full screen can also be generated on most web browsers by pressing the F11 key.


I'm looking for a script (usually Javascript) that reads a page in full screen (F11 manually). I found scripts but you have to click on a link to view the page in full screen. I'd like this to happen automatically when arriving on the page.


For those who are interested, the following code: ("mapage.html","","fullscreen=yes");  

Only works in IE: ("mapage.html","","fullscreen=yes");'','_parent','');  

Works only for versions prior to version 2.0.

However I developed a nice little trick to force a fullscreen window:

I think it should meet your needs from what I understood. Moreover it seems to me that this code is compatible with IE and Firefox (at least it works in Firefox).


Thanks to thedwarf21 for this tip.
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