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As far as I know I do not have a yahoo email account. However, if I try to log into yahoo mail using ***@***, I get a prompt for a password. I try a few passwords which fail, and then I use the "forgot password" functionality. I then get "If you have access to this phone, please verify the missing digits", and it looks like it has the first 2 and last 2 digits of my old cell phone number. I cannot use this number to retrieve the account, if there is such an account, as I now have a new number. If I post an email to ***@*** I get a "mail not delivered" reply, indicating that the account does not exist. I do not have a recollection of either opening or closing this account. My question is, if the account does not exist, how is it possible for yahoo mail to have the first 2 and last 2 digits of my cell phone number?

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It's pure coincidence as many may have a similar number but not the exact number as yours.
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Thank you for your answer. The fact that yahoo mail associates a telephone number with the email "***@***", does this that the account exists? Or does it mean that the account did exist? If I post an email to this address, I get a mail not delivered reply, which seems to suggest that the address does not exist. However, the fact that a telephone number is associated with the address seems to suggest that it does, or did, exist. Firstly, does the not delivered reply indicate that the email does not exist? If so, does the fact that yahoo associates the address with a telephone number indicate that the address did exist in the past. Basically, I cannot recall whether I ever had a yahoo email address. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I didn't. If ***@*** does or did exist, I need to prove that it is not my email address. Can I get proof that this email does or does not exist, or did exist?
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Proof for what? You are wasting time and energy for something that can just be forgotten, and it wont affect you by doing such!

My question is, if the address wasnt yours, what compelled you to randomly enter it in? Then the chances that the phone number is almost the same, is no coinicidence! You made the account!!! There is your proof.
Thank you for your reply.

If I get an email not delivered reply by posting to that address, does that mean that the address does not exist?

Can I get proof from yahoo that the email address does not exist?

Can I get proof from yahoo that the email address never existed?

I have no recollection of creating an account with yahoo and I wish to prove that either the email address does not exist, did not exist, or if it does, that it is not mine.
Yes, no, no. Do you want it to be yours?

Abandon it! How does it affect you?