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Router and modem block

so I just bought a new Netgear router last night to hook up to my AT&T modem. The modem works but im trying to get wireless connection through my hous...

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Internet connected web page unavailable


Hello, I am having an internet connection problem with my laptop. It is almost 5 weeks having this problem. I am connected to the internet and it...

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Can i connect two different pc having different os through rj47

Plz suggest me how to connect .

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How to activate bluetooth using wireless switch

when iam trying to install wireless and bluetooth driver to my dell inspiron 15 ,3000 series 3541 model it showing activate bluetooth using wireless...

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Globe wifi connection problem

Hello, We just bought a Globe wifi modem to have our own wifi connection. It worked great for the first week but after that, we cannot connect to ...

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Wlan led green light isnt on in bsnl broadband


Hello, v have internet connection in our home through bsnl broad band,before we had connected to PC we usually found green led light on wlan....bu...

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Voip to wireless net service

Hello There, Hello there, I am using a Linksys VOIP with TATA internet connection ( VSNL) its working well and good, and now I want to connect my VO...

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Belkin router isn't working

Hello, my belkin N300 wireless router isn't working. It will go blue, like it usually does when it is working, but nothing in my house can connect to...

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Windows 7 dns problem


Hi I have windows 7 I had some problems so I restored it now I am unable to connect to Internet says dns problem. I wrote the ipaddress and dns manual...

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How to laptop connect to wi-fi?

I have a Dell XPS laptop and I usually have no problem connecting to Wi-Fi. Lately my laptop will not even give me the option to turn Wi-Fi on, The en...

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My dell inspiron 3543 keeps losing wifi connection

I have a Dell Inspiron 3543 laptop. Recently, it started losing wifi connection after a few minutes of work. The laptop does not find ANY network, not...

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Cracking huawei e303 s-1


please help me i failed to crack my huawei e303s-1 modem below is the detail 58366328 UNLOCK version 48199809 FLASH 8618520059711...

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My bsnl brodband + wifi speed how to increes

Hello, My BSNL Brodband + Wifi Speed is 100Mbps and my internet speed is 50Kbps how to increess Plezz Answer me....... Speed 100Mbps IP Adreess 192...

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Using a sim on a dell vostro 1500

Hello, how can I use my sim slot behind the laptop Configuration: Windows 8 / Internet Explorer 10.0

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Connect laptop to modem with wifi.


Hello, there is a problem in connecting laptop to modem. laptop WiFi button is on. there is only LAN adapter setting in my laptop. how do i c...

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Hello, I get Network Access password box for only one Win 7 PC for connecting to Shared printer in LAN. Other PC's are working fine without passwor...

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Local area network

network cable plugged but it show unplugged but network use other system cable ok then attach external lan card same problem reinstall windows but ...

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Without routing two pc can ping

hello when I take two router and connected one pc to one router and other pc connected to other router.they pc can ping without any routing.

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Why two router create problem

Hello friends, my question is why two router create problem when router A on dhcp mode or other router is non dhcp (dhcp disbled). and both router...

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D-link modem ppp protocol has been terminated

i have a problem regards my d-link modem that when i am trying to connect i am getting a error that ppp protocol hasbeen terminated although i have ba...

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No wifi


Hello, My office has a wifi which is only for mobile use no pc is conected to it and im.not connected to it some of my colleges are connected so...

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Computer cannot show or connect to wifi ethernet and modem

I am using windows 10 and sometime back after I updated my network drivers stopped working I uninstalled all the profiles and updated installed and...

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Wireless no where to be found

Hello, I have the same problem as well. However, i am only able to see ethernet instead of any wireless router. So i am unable to right click on wir...

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I can't find my wifi bar

Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 44.0.2403.157 i format my Aspire one D257 now i can't find my wifi for me to connect

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Wifi connected but no internet, must read very wierd situation

Hello, I have this Arris router and when I hook it up normally, everything works fine, all the lights that are supposed to be on are on and phones...

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Remote desktop won't connect to server

I was able to connect to my server from a remote desktop but then it stopped connecting. When I check the server it appears to be on and running. I ...

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Wifi is not working

Hello, hi iam using ACER ASPIRE E15 in that wifi is not working i do know y please help i am using windows7

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Bridge connection says internet access but its not working

Hello, I made a bridge between wireless and Ethernet many times ago and it was fine , but recently on many pc's when i make the bridge it says inte...

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Help! internet is not working

Hello, My acer extensa 5620 says I have Internet but both internet explorer and chrome are saying I have no internet pleas help! Ps it's software is...

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My pc don't detect any wifi since yesterday

Since yesterday, my computer don't detect any wifi, I re installed the driver Rebooted the computer Closed then opened the wifi card Deactivated...

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Wifi modem password change

Hello, i change my modem password but is not opening in my computer Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 46.0.2490.86

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Wifi problem

Hello, my sony vaio laptops"s wifi is not working forr only one router but it is giving signal

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Compaq lap top presario f500

Hello, The switch is on, but the inter-net connection blue light is not on? I tried to reboot the computer and internet connection is not working? w...

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Compaq presario cq57 wireless light orange

Hello, My Compaq Presario CQ57 will not connect to the network. The wireless light on the F12 key is orange instead of blue. I cannot manually connect...

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Not connecting to internet asking username and password

Hello, Net is connected and not,i disable the connection and i reconnet it, it asking username and passward.i dont no how to connect it. ...

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Page redirected

Hello, when iam trying to connect my pcto internet iam getting an ip address but getting an error in browser called 'PAGE REDIRECTED'.what is t...

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My laptop keeps dropping connection!!!

Hello, I have been having this issue for a couple months now. My connection to the internet drops every 5 mins or so, but, when it drops I click the i...

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Ethan R.

Frustrated.....wifi not connecting!

I'm trying to connect to my wireless router to get onto the Internet but it keeps bouncing back saying that the connection has timed out??? Anyone kno...

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I cannot install drivers in my netbook

Hello, when i try to install wifi drivers in my lenova s100 netbook a pop up block is comming telling that access denied. kindly help me to insatl...

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Wifi no connection

Hello, I have a laptop and I am using with others wifi but now there no no connections. so plz, do suggest what to do

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Lan shows network cable unplugged

I have a weird problem. If I connect network cable to LAN it works finely. But if I unplugged it and try to plugged it again, it shows network cable u...

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Help me out from this problm

i want to conncet mt data card to my bsnl modem and then use two laptop bye LAN cable....pls tell me how to conncet data card in BSNL broadband wifiro...

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Not visible.

Sir, near my house I find I wifi network named TP-LINK_A38C0 and it works and run very fine in my galaxy s4, and iPhone 5s. But when I tried to connec...

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Wifi connections


Does every computer I want to use have to have a hardware or software WiFi connection? Is this connection inside the computer as software, or do I ...

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Phone network error


Hello, i have been using my phone for various activities in my research work but lately, it no longer works, the wifi is connected but it keeps tellin...

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Airtel broadband internet not working

Hello, My Internet hasn't been working since last night. All browsers show "you are not connected to the Internet". However, all lights on the B...

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Network problem

Hello, just assume an office have 4 branches eranakulam,kollam,calicut and trivandrum how to interconnect branch LANS..??Lesed line or satlite is ...

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Internet is not working

Dear sir i have a computer .in which internet is not working. which have lan with properly connected and their Tcp/ip setting are also c...

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Cannot connect to wifi directly

dear sir, i am having dell vastro 2520 laptop and i cannot connect it to wifi directly.only with the help of dlink connector i can connect. please he...

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Video sharing website

Hello, how to start video sharing website and how much it cost's to develop Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 41.0

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