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  • Dlink Router DIR-505; cannot connect to login page; internet ok Closed

    I have DIR-505 from Dlink that was configured to act as a repeater earlier. so I was able to set it up via its login page may be few months back. H...

    sapat66 | WiFi | Latest reply: goleaftabgardoun Jun 28, 2016
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  • Wlan light is on but there is no signal coming from the modem Closed

    Dear all, I have a Teracom Bsnl Wifi Modem Router Tdsl300w2. The wifi in it was working like a charm until yesterday. now the wifi is n...

    devrishi29 | WiFi | Latest reply: Ambucias Jun 28, 2016
    3 replies
  • unable to able my device Closed

    Hello, How to make unable to disable my device

    Frank | WiFi | Latest reply: goleaftabgardoun Jun 27, 2016
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  • WIFI service won't turn on. Closed

    Hello, I've had some problems with my laptop (Lenovo Z580) so I've sent it to a repair guy and what he did was reinstalling/resetting the flash bios...

    elmanfada | WiFi | Latest reply: sam7689 Jun 26, 2016
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  • RCA tablet scrambling Wifi Closed

    Hello, My RCA tablet had trouble connecting to wifi when I do get it connected it seems to scramble the wifi so nothing else can connect. It is th...

    Cgault0205 | WiFi | Latest reply: xpcman Jun 26, 2016
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  • Acer Aspire ES1-411 Unreliable Wifi Connection Closed

    Hello, My Acer laptop's wifi connection has, for some reason, become unbelievably unreliable. It works fine when it is right next to the router bu...

    Nelsonator | WiFi | Latest reply: Nelsonator Jun 25, 2016
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  • laptop wireless switch does not turn on Closed

    Hello, My laptop wireless switch is not turning (my button is above F5 button) on and because of that I cannot connect to wifi !! What I am suppose ...

    Nagi | WiFi | Latest reply: Nagi Jun 25, 2016
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  • JET_errFileAccessDenied Solved/Closed

    Hello, I'm trying to put a restored EDB in to a clean shutdown state (its currently saying its in a dirty shutdown state). However when I run the co...

    NeilCairns | Network | Latest reply: NeilCairns Jun 24, 2016
    3 replies
  • can't connect to wifi network Closed

    Hello, I've been using a wifi adapter that has had no problem till now. I suddenly can't connect to the same wifi I've been using using. I've tried ...

    Caillou | WiFi | Latest reply: Caillou Jun 24, 2016
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  • resetting password does not work Closed

    Hello, I've tried the 10 second reset, and the 30 second reset, and the power off. it will allow me to access the main page for the router settin...

    buelligan | Linksys | Latest reply: ac3mark Jun 23, 2016
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  • why is my processes in task manager showing ports like 100028? Closed

    I am on W10 x64. This is unusual . I haven't seen port number that high .I know only 65535 are possible in any windows system. I am attaching a screen...

    smr1994 | Network | Latest reply: xpcman Jun 23, 2016
    1 reply
  • Acer computer Wifi not connected Closed

    Hello, Why would my Acer computer have Wi-Fi and then go away in the middle of browsing and saying it's not connected to it what should I do

    Jonathan | WiFi | Latest reply: ac3mark Jun 22, 2016
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  • My Acer One 14 Z1401 could not detect an yup wireless connectio. Closed

    Hello, My Acer One 14 Z1401 could not acces any wireless connection. This was bought on October 1,2015. Please help me Configuration: iPhone /...

    Bargasa111 | Network | Latest reply: Bargasa111 Jun 20, 2016
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  • phone windows 8.1 phone can't connect to usual home router Solved/Closed

    My phone suddenly can't conect to usual home router wifi is ok on and password also all other devices working on the same router,but from yesterday I ...

    sashajakimova | WiFi | Latest reply: ac3mark Jun 20, 2016
    4 replies
  • wifi problem-other functions ok Closed

    Hello, Can somebody help me I can't connect to my usual home WIFI router other two phones which are androids working normally and also my laptop Leno...

    sashajakimova | Network | Latest reply: sashajakimova Jun 19, 2016
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  • slow in internet browsing n download Closed

    Hello, sir, i m usinng a connection of bsnl data card,which has to give me a high speed but i m not finding it satisfactory,its gives only max 12kb/...

    jeet | Network | Latest reply: jamalmuhammad Jun 18, 2016
    3 replies
  • Procedures to connect 12 computer to 1 computer as server Closed

    Hello, I am starting a internet cafe business and i need assistance to connect 12 computers to 1 computer as server.

    Kulie | Network | Latest reply: xpcman Jun 17, 2016
    1 reply
  • WiFi doesn't work Closed

    Hello, My dell laptop was in Windows 8.1 pro when i installed windows 7 ultimate the wireless adapter option doesn't show in my pc network and she...

    Pintoo | WiFi | Latest reply: Computertech Jun 17, 2016
    1 reply
  • Wifi adapter not working Closed

    Hello I have three laptops one of them is nearly an old one now. It is a specified IBM Thinkpad It is wifi certified and the wifi used to work unti...

    Lee | WiFi | Latest reply: xpcman Jun 16, 2016
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  • wifi connection problem Closed

    Hello, my hp pavilion g6 2230tx is not showing wifi connection and i installed latest wifi driver..please reply how to fix it Configuration: Wi...

    muthu | WiFi | Latest reply: Computertech Jun 16, 2016
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  • connected to Internet but no access Closed

    My laptop Is connected to Internet but no access I have tried everything That is said to do on this website but still nothing I am about to start a s...

    Ron | WiFi | Latest reply: Ron Jun 15, 2016
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  • I can't connect to the wifi Closed

    Hello. So, I'm at work and I can't connect to the wifi...I have no idea what's going on, I've looked online for answers but nothing helps.

    Evasa0513 | WiFi | Latest reply: ac3mark Jun 14, 2016
    4 replies
  • Windows XP Internet Not working Closed

    Hello, My Windows XP Internet Not working, Lan Cable is ok, but not working internet. Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 25.0.1349.2

    eswar | Network | Latest reply: xpcman Jun 14, 2016
    1 reply
  • Getting message "Can't connect to this network" Closed

    My new Acer Aspire Switch 10e has successfully connected to one network, so I know it's working, but refuses to connect to my home router giving the a...

    broph | Network | Latest reply: xpcman Jun 12, 2016
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  • WiFi icon is missing Closed

    Hello, I restarted my laptop yesterday and the WiFi disappeared. I have tried installing different drivers and it didn't help. Not all could even ...

    Tina | WiFi | Latest reply: Tina Jun 12, 2016
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  • My Acer laptop can't connect to Wifi Closed

    Hello, It's almost a month since my Acer laptop was connected to our WiFi here at home. I tried almost everything and still can't connect to it. Ive...

    Ayanayanaatis | WiFi | Latest reply: Ayanayanaatis Jun 11, 2016
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  • no connections available Closed

    Hello, My wifi on my phone, tablet, and 1 laptop work just fine. For some reason on my other laptop it says that there are no connections available....

    Tessa77 | WiFi | Latest reply: Tessa77 Jun 11, 2016
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  • how to reset my bsnl modem Closed

    Hello, I have bsnl modem AN1020-21. I changed access name. Now I don't connected into the network. Please help me. I press the reset button but no...

    ali | WiFi | Latest reply: ali Jun 11, 2016
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    Hello, I am on my laptop and suddenly the wifi stops working and disappears. I am unable to find it on my laptop. The only way I can connect is throug...

    kuiyoshi34 | WiFi | Latest reply: kuiyoshi34 Jun 11, 2016
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  • my sony vaio wifi is turn off Closed

    Dear sirs, i upgrade my windows os from win 8 to win 10. and now my wifi on my sony vaio SVP11217PGS is turn off. how to activate ? please help me....

    suwanto | WiFi | Latest reply: xpcman Jun 11, 2016
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  • Changing userid of wifi Solved/Closed

    Hello, ACT USER I am using dlink DIR816. I am not getting the userids of my wifi from yesterday(when the internet was not working for a few hours...

    siva | Network | Latest reply: xpcman Jun 11, 2016
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  • browsers being stupid. Closed

    Hello guys, i seem to be having problems with my browsers to watch Streams on it seems fine for other people but not me. im running win10 laptop and ...

    Gerva | Network | Latest reply: Gerva Jun 10, 2016
    2 replies
  • Cellphone connection Closed

    Hello, I can't connect with my cellphone. I even got the numbers off it and still no luck. Help Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 44.0.2403.133

    Amorde1 | WiFi | Latest reply: Amorde1 Jun 9, 2016
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  • iPhone/iPad plugged in, Wifi doesn't work in house Closed

    Hello, As the title says, whenever I plug in my iPhone or iPad to the charger (different chargers sometimes), my wifi in the house stops working...

    Jason | WiFi | Latest reply: ac3mark Jun 9, 2016
    3 replies
  • WiFi gets automatically disabled Closed

    Hello, I'm using a BSNL Teracom modem with WiFi. Recently my WiFi getsautomatically disabled, even after I've enabled it quite a few times. I've g...

    Rosh | WiFi | Latest reply: Rosh Jun 9, 2016
    2 replies
  • Interactions pc - Smartphone Closed

    Today i did some strangely things on my smartphone, with The Es Explorer app. There is an option where i can access to files which are on my computer ...

    Malaika_LK | Network | Latest reply: Malaika_LK Jun 5, 2016
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  • wifi turns on and off by its own Closed

    This problem in my pc has been since long. happens what is the wifi turns on and off by its own will. when it is off, the external switch nor the inte...

    Sam | WiFi | Latest reply: Loreekb Jun 3, 2016
    9 replies
  • wifi will put the system to airplane mode Closed

    Hello, I have a hp laptop. The wifi keeps telling me that it is off even when I turn the external switch to the on position it will put the system t...

    horlabang | WiFi | Latest reply: horlabang Jun 3, 2016
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  • my wifi isnt working on my wondows 7 Closed

    Hello, guys my wifi isnt working on my windows 7 but it is working on my ipad so, please someone suggest me that what should i do on this ??? C...

    lhamo | WiFi | Latest reply: lhamo Jun 3, 2016
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  • Wireless internet connection has been lost. Closed

    Good evening I have win Xperia 64 bit computer that will not connect to the Internet. I have a Belkin usb wireless dongle but nothing is working. I h...

    dingbatdoodle | Network | Latest reply: kieferschild Jun 3, 2016
    5 replies
  • bluetooth is not shown when Wifi is activated Closed

    What shall I do while bluetooth is not shown when Wifi is activated?

    shafiqsmile | WiFi | Latest reply: ac3mark Jun 2, 2016
    1 reply
  • want connect my Wi-Fi with my others device Closed

    with good presentation and respect sir/madam, my question is that, which ways am I follow when I want connect my Wi-Fi with my others device? thanks ...

    2525ay | WiFi | Latest reply: ac3mark Jun 2, 2016
    1 reply
  • Unable to login to a WiFi with default username n password Closed

    Hello, I was trying to login to the WiFi with the phone I am connected to but with the default username and password I am unable to do so. It says t...

    Shubham | WiFi | Latest reply: ac3mark Jun 2, 2016
    1 reply
  • Problem with network login page Closed

    Hello, The server computer is on common lan network which has shared folder, I am trying to login from my computer but shows a blank page. This was ...

    Rohan | Network | Latest reply: kieferschild Jun 2, 2016
    6 replies
  • d link wifi password change Solved/Closed

    Hello, i am using D link dir -803 router I want to change wifi password by using but I unable to connect the page. please give me a solu...

    asif | Network | Latest reply: saurabh May 30, 2016
    1 reply
  • Internet connection issues Closed

    Hello, Hello my laptop internet won't connect even though I am connected to wi fi still won't let me search for anything Configuration: iPhone ...

    Ke ke | WiFi | Latest reply: JONDZ May 30, 2016
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  • domain access problem Closed

    Hello, I am using windows 2008 r2 server , create one public folder ex:\\server \folder IP :( user1, user2, user3 ...

    senthilmurugan | Network | Latest reply: senthilmurugan May 30, 2016
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  • Issues with router... Closed

    So a few days ago, around midnight, my fiancee and I were on the computer connected to the wifi I get via my Linksys E1200 router, and out of nowhere,...

    sliske15 | Linksys | Latest reply: xpcman May 29, 2016
    1 reply
  • wifi says there is no connection Closed

    Hello, I am on Windows 10 laptop. My wifi says there is no connection, but it is open. So I can't browse the web or anything. Can anyone help ? I'...

    Sarah | WiFi | Latest reply: ac3mark May 27, 2016
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  • Facebook account Disabled Closed

    Hello, I'm Hennager James Craig please I need back my fb I don't know what I did wrong and why my fb is been disable for know reasons

    Don't know | Network | Latest reply: Ambucias May 27, 2016
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