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Wireless network

Hello, i am having problem in connecting two computers through wireless device

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My router does not emit a wireless nertwork

Hello, I have and Linksys WRT310N wireless router. I just set it up a few days ago. I`ve connected my desktop PC via port 1 on the router, and it su...

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Wireless connection problems

Hello, I Have recently had to do a PC restore back to the factory defults due to a few things. After the restore was finished, i have not been able t...

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Compaq cq50-104au wifi driver for window xp

Hello, anyone can help me find wifi driver fo COMPAQ CQ50-104au. i search in internet but i cant find wifi driver for windows xp.. I search in com...

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Modem/wireless router vs. modem

Hello, I have purchased a new D-link wireless router. I previously had a D-link router/modem. Do I need to buy a new stand-alone modem?

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Wifi blocked

Hello, Had some problems recently, i have a pc connected to a wifi router but the thing is that i can't connect anymore with that router... Can you...

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Wireless tab opens a blank page

Hello, I have a linksys WRT54G wireless router which I am using from last 3 years. It has a problem of frequently resetting the Wireless security to ...

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3 out of 4 computers connected to wireless

Hello, So...we have a wirekess router (Linksys) and 4 laptops in my house. Three of the laptops have no problem connecting, but the fourth (my hp)...

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How to connect my laptop to a wireless router

Hello, I would like to connect my laptop (a compaq) to a wireless motorola router and unable to do so. However, using a cable connection, router to l...

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Wireless card

Hello, I have a 'wireless card' and I ned software for it I need software Here is some info. about the wireless card MSI 802.11g FCC ID NO: 14L-...

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Wireless internet

Hello, brought an Acer Extensa 5230 laptop and I am at a complete loss as how to set it up for wireless internet from my desktop computer. It is runn...

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Vista wireless not working

Hello, I have tryed and tryed over and over again and I cant seem to figure it out!!! Me and My friend wanted to set up a wierless net work we both ...

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Wireless router bridge/relay setup

Hello, I have an Edimax BR6114Wg router, which I updated with the latest firmware (2.12). I want to set it up as a relay/bridge (ie so that it is an...

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Wireless connection

Hello, Changed internet subscriber. Was told to reinstall my Linksys wireless-G Broadband 2.4 GHz (802.11g) with speed booster router. Can not find...

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Wireless connection issues

Hello, I've been having problems with my wireless internet lately. I've had the same router since July of 09 and it was working great. The router its...

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Can sign in via wifi network

Hello, I tried to sign on msn via my phone nokia 5800 but i can't. Why is that so?

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Hello, i want to access the wi fi technolgy i would like to know about how to set up the network. i checked the server and port, it seems every thi...

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Wireless adapter

Hello, Im using a laptop which doesn't have a wireless internet access facility in it. I was told to use a wifi adapter? im not clear. Can yo...

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Presario not recognizing wireless network

Hello, I installed a new wireless router TRENDNET TEW-432BRP, up and running. from laptop with which I set up router (lenovo 3000 N200, Vista home) ...

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Unsecuring an interntet wireless connection

bipeHello, I want to secure my wireless internet conection and would live to find out if at a later time I can un secure it or will it permanetly rem...

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Wireless and cd rom is not working

Hello, i lost my back up for my laptop acer aspire 4720z and fomatted by mistake now the wireless and cd rom is not working i downloaded all the thin...

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Share pc internet w/ wireless laptop

Hello, My father's PC has an internet connection that goes through the phone line, but is not dial up. What is that called? And more importantl...

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Shared wireless network

Hello, My neighbour lets me use his internet connection with wireless and I have one wireless card. I need to connect multiple computers thru this on...

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Wireless internet connection


Hello, I just bought a wireless router, D-Link, and I'm trying to set up wireless internet for my laptop. Why does a wireless router have me connect...

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Linksy to linksy wireless conection

Hello, I have two computers at home and would like to connect them together with two Linksy Wireless G routers model (WRT54 G and WRT54GS). I...

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Hello, All I have a HP Pavilion dv6000 With XP Professional. I was currently using it, when somehow the wireless Network connection disappeared mys...

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Smc2804wbrp-g wireless connection query

Hello, I have an older SMC wirless router (SMC2804WBRP-G) which is the Barricade-g. 2.4 GHz wireless router w/USB print server. I have been using it ...

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Extreme difference in 2 laptops wifi speeds

Hello, I have a Linksys WRT150N router hooked up to cable (Broadband). On the desktop (XP)using the LAN, the computer download speed and upload spee...

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Wireless internet

Hello, I have an Acer Aspire notebook, bought a few weeks ago. I can connect to the internet via wireless but it does not allow me to browse?!?!? w...

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Brought a new wireless router

Hello, I brought a new wireless router because for some reason I can get my old one to connect anymore. I stayed on the phone with Tech support for...

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Configure wireless

Hello, i have netgear router with hathway broadband .pls help me how to configure .

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Connecting a wireless internet broadband

Hello, i would like help to connect my NOW wireless broadband to a router or even a wireless access point to share the internet with other computers ...

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Interconnect wired and wireless using laptop?

Hi, I need to network two laptops and a desktop.. The two laptops are easily connected using wireless lan.. Now by connecting one of them to the d...

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Hooking up a second computer to wireless


Hello, I have wireless internet at home. My computer was moved into my room and i wanted to hook up my old computer in another room. The old comput...

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I need wireless help

Hello, i have a acer laptop but it dosent seem to find the network but all the other laptops in the house do. Just a few days ago it was catching th...

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i have internet on my acer laptop and trying to share it with my other laptop which is a HP how do i do it?im getting my wireless internet from wifi...

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Hello, I have problem First i have on my laptop windows xp proffesional, while i couldnt find cd of that windows i install windows xp, but home edi...

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Can't connect without my wireless n booster

Hello, I cannot connect to my router (dir-615 dlink) without plugging the DWA wireless n range booster anymore. This happened after i installed th...

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Sharing a wireless connection without a route

Hello, With the neibours consent and his Wep Key Im using his Wireless connection on my laptop. Is there any way to use the wired lan port on my lap...

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Boosting wireless connection

Hello, I am using a wireless connection on my laptop and i've got a low connection. Is there any way or any software used to boost the strength of w...

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How to install a wireless connection???

Hello, im trying to use a wireless connection but as im not so well inform on how to install it can anyone tell me step by step how it can be ...

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Setting up wireless network

Hi- I am having difficulty setting up a wireless internet network in my flat. I'll try and lay out the problems I have encountered whilst trying ca...

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Why isn't my router wireless?

Hey I have a Netgear router. I followed the instructions on the provided disc to set-up. However, I can only get internet connection when the etern...

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Connecting orange wireless to belkin help plz

Hello, I have a siemens SE572 wireless router for my orange broadband this is what they provided and have been trying to connect a 2nd PC with a Belk...

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wires and plugs

Wireless led stopped flashing

Hello, my ACER laptop was working fine with wireless- G ADSL GATEWAY with Speedbooster. Then it just started saying cannot detect wireless internet co...

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My wifi doesn't work

My wifi settings are working on one of my games but not my other game What does that mean?

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Cabel internet desctop wireless router laptop

Hello, Sorry for my english This is my problem I have internet from local cabel provider for the connection I used my onboard lan card than i bought...

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Could not connect wifi

Hello, In my apartment every floor has different wifi connections. I could not connect to 1st floor (my floor) connection - it shows signal strength ...

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My wireless mouse works, but .........

Hello, I connected a wireless mouse to my pc , and hasb been working good. Now I need to use the USB port for a portable hardrive, and I tried to rec...

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Problem of wireless network


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